Buy Now. Earn Later.

Connecting consumers and designers to the circular economy in one click.

Join the Circular Economy

Join the Circular Economy

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Transform fashion

Transform fashion

Our Mission

Our mission is to be part of the solution in transforming the fashion industry into a sustainable, circular, ethical and profitable industry.

How we achieve our mission

  • Through our marketplace individuals are able to monetise their wardrobes and borrow items they would only wear a negligible number of times.
  • Through our API, designers can encourage the circular economy and earn income from a new, sustainable revenue stream.
  • We will be on the forefront of new fashion technology to enable the fashion industry to be profitable, transparent, sustainable and ethical.

What is the Buy Now - Earn Later API?

The API allows consumers to instantly list their items when shopping on partner websites to lend on The Volte after checkout with one click.

Why partner with The Volte?

  • All technology provided at no cost to the retailer
  • All customer service provided at no cost to the retailer
  • Increase conversions by allowing customers to earn from their purchases
  • Access to vast and detailed data that the circular fashion economy generates
  • Earn royalties each time an item is hired or purchased
  • Globally the largest peer to peer marketplace for designer fashion

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