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Hire a gorgeous Alcoolique dress from The Volte. Delivered Australia wide including to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra.

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Feel like you’ve seen some of these pieces on Project Runway? That’s because you have. In 2014 Alcoolique- the fashion child of designer Rocco Adriano Gallucio- gained international attention on the show for his incredibly diverse and unpredictable collections. Oozing Italian pride, this label employs exclusively Italian textiles and tailors, ensure that the piece you receive has been hand-crafted with impeccable attention to detail. The only thing Alcoolique’s pieces have in common, is that they’re all different. We mean it. Rainbows of sequins? Alcoolique has it. Fur coats? Yep. 70s flare pants? Of course. Chequered Jackets. Naturally! This label truly has a piece for every Volte woman. And with such a playful brand, it is impossible to narrow down just one item. So try them all! Rent now with the Volte.

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