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Hire an Anya Hindmarch design from The Volte. Delivered Australia wide to your door. Accessing sustainable, luxury fashion has never been easier.

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Looking for something a little different to put your personal stamp on? Anya Hindmarch has a line of bags and accessories made just for you. Literally. Launched in London in 1987, Anya Hindmarch has experienced success globally, with over 30 stores including London, New York and Tokyo. Becoming the first accessories-only label to have their own show at London Fashoin Week, Anya Hindmarch revolves around an ability to personalise everything and make it uniquely yours. From the famous leather stickers that allow you to customise bespoke pieces, to build-your-bag tools online that let you being together high-fashion artisanship with whatever look and feel make you happy. You know when the designer is a member of the British Fashion Council, that you are in great hands. So make sure to complete your next look with a bespoke piece from Anya Hindmarch. But don’t lock yourself in to just one- rent them all to your heart’s content through the Volte.

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