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Looking for gorgeous formal dresses from Australian-based fashion brand, Twosisters The Label? At The Volte, you can hire designer dresses at a fraction of the retail price.

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Australian-based fashion brand, Twosisters The Label provides gorgeous dresses for special occasions. As the name suggests, the label was started by two sisters, Ruby and Pauline. From humble beginnings in their mum’s garage, they now operate from an Adelaide-based office with a team to help them. Their mission is ‘to make all who wear the label feel beautiful and powerful’. Whether you are looking for a stunning dress for a memorable night out or an amazing daytime outfit that will make you feel your best, Twosisters The Label designs formal dresses, skirts, tops, pants and more. They even create bridal and bridesmaid dresses. Whatever the special occasion, Twosisters The Label has you covered.

Rather than buying a Twosisters dress, another alternative is to hire one instead. Using quality fabrics, these timeless pieces are made to stand the test of time, so they caoccasion is and your own personal style. Whether you need a gorgeous frock to wear to the races, a stunning gown for a black-tie event or an elegant dress for your best friend’s wedding, Twosisters The Label has outfits for all your special events. When it comes to clothing, everyone’s tastes are different, but with so much choice, you’re sure to find something from Twosisters The Label that will make you feel beautiful. 

How to style dresses from Twosisters The Label? 

How you choose to style your dress from Twosisters, the Label will depend on the style of your dress, the event you are wearing it to and, of course, your own personal tastes. Adding some glitzy earrings, a statement necklace, a stylish choker or a sparkly clutch could just be the touch of elegance you need to complete your outfit. From hats and belts to jackets and coats, there are limitless ways to style your n be worn many times and still look amazing. Hiring Twosisters clothing is not only cheaper than buying it brand new, but it also means you can choose a different outfit for every special event. At The Volte, you can hire dresses from the best clothing labels, including Twosisters The Label, Shona Joy, Scanlan Theodore, Rebecca Vallance, Kookai, Dion Lee, Alice McCall, Bec and Bridge and more, all for a fraction of the retail price.

How to select the right dresses from Twosisters The Label? 

With so many beautiful Twosisters The Label clothes to choose from, how do you find just the right dress for you? You have options like floral or lace, a halter style neckline or tie up straps. There are even styles like a free-flowing maxi dress, a body-fitting mini, a concealed zip or lots of ruffles – there are so many different Twosisters dresses to choose from. Selecting the best one for you will depend on what the Twosisters dresses. And when it comes to style, you can’t forget about your shoes! From show-stopping gold stilettos or strappy black suede high heels to colourful sandals or a pair of sneakers, shoes can really help to dress an outfit up or down. And the good news is, if you can’t find the perfect accessories in your own wardrobe, The Volte also has a collection of gorgeous accessories available for hire. 

Where can I hire the best dresses from Twosisters The Label? 

Whether you need a black-tie, bridal, bridesmaid, evening wear, daytime wear and more, rather than buying a new dress, you can conveniently hire a dress, at The Volte – all from the comfort of your own home. When searching online for the perfect dress at The Volte, you can not only filter your search results by designer but you can also filter by style, dress length (floor length, knee length, midi or mini dress), size, and price points, making it easy to find just what you are looking for.

When hiring a designer dress, you probably already have a good idea about what style of dress suits you and your dress size, but if you want to make sure the dress fits you perfectly before going ahead, some of our lenders offer a cheaper try-on price. This allows you to receive the item for a short period of time to try it on. You can also see how it works with your shoes, jewellery and any other accessories. If you love it, you can then put through a full-hire booking or book it again in time for your event.

If you like mixing things up, hiring a dress for a special event can mean you never need to wear the same dress twice. If you are looking for a convenient place to hire designer clothes in Australia, The Volte connects you to high-end fashion for a fraction of the price of buying it new. With so many choices, the hardest part is limiting yourself to just one dress! Once you’ve found what you’d like to hire, you can contact the lender directly to organise delivery and select your rental period. Once the lender has accepted your request, they can ship your Twosisters clothing directly to your home, hotel, or office Australia-wide. Some lenders also offer overseas shipping, but that’s up to the discretion of the lender.

Want to dress to impress on your next special occasion? Browse through the beautiful Twosisters dresses available for hire at The Volte. 

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