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Save hundreds on dress hire Adelaide from The Volte. We bring you the latest in designer fashion pieces from the wardrobes of women all over Australia.


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What kind of dresses are available on The Volte?

We specialise in providing you access with designer dress hire Adelaide from the wardrobes of women from all over Australia. Just because your event is taking place in Port Adelaide does not mean that you need to source your cocktail dress from someone in Adelaide CBD. You can search for a dress hire Adelaide option available in any of the major capital cities including BrisbaneMelbourne and Perth. Your dress hire can be for everything from black tie and evening gowns from the stunning Bec and Bridge designer duo or they can be the ideal garden party or wedding dress hire from the Camilla collection of exotic and Boho inspired design.

Our Australian designer dresses also include the perfect selection to outfit your entire bridal party with bridesmaid dresses available in a range of sizes from a range of stunning Australian designers. Why lay down thousands of dollars purchasing Australian designer dresses for the big day when you can arrange dress hire Adelaide and choose from the most amazing cuts and designs direct from the runway? You will save money that can be put to better use on things like your holidays or the deposit for a new family home.

Are your looking to rent formal dresses? A formal at the end of the school year is about more than just a party and a chance to dress up. A formal marks important moments in your life, landmark events that help you transition into adulthood and the more fuss and ceremony that is made of them, the more you remember them and the more powerful they become for helping you discover your identity as you continue to grow. You can still find the best dress hire Adelaide for your formal and get that stunning dress for a night even if you’re not yet 18 years old. The Volte requires an adult to actually undertake the dress hire Adelaide so if you find the ideal dress from our selection online, simply ask a parent of a guardian to finalise the rental for you.

How the rental works

When you choose The Volte, you are choosing dress hire Adelaide that is dependent on a network of individuals from around the country are willing to share their own personal wardrobes. There will usually be as much information about the garment you’re looking for as possible in the garment’s online description but no alterations are permitted so if you’re not entirely sure whether the dress will actually fit you, please ensure that you ask as many questions of the garment’s owner as you need to ensure that when you commit to hiring the dress, it will be exactly as you expect it to be. Our selection of dress hire Adelaide options include all shapes, sizes and designs so we’re confident that you’ll find what you’re looking for your event.

Once you have decided on a garment you will need to book it as early as possible with the garment’s owner. To avoid lengthy postage delays, we recommend that you book a local dress hire Adelaide if your event is at quite short notice. Otherwise, plan as far in advance as you can if you’re planning to hire a garment from another state or territory.

The cost of the dress hire Adelaide will include the postage of the garment to you, as well as the cost of the postage back to the garment’s owner. A preaddressed slip will be included in the package when it arrives to you and when you are finished with the dress or garment, simply slip it back into the preaddressed slip and send it back. Dry cleaning is also included in the price so there is no need to arrange professional cleaning of the garment before you send it back. It is vitally important that you follow the garment’s care instructions to the letter to avoid accidentally damaging the garment and the best way of doing this is to package up the garment when you’re finished and send it back as is.

Should your garment arrive to you creased – and some fabrics are more prone to creasing than others, so this is entirely possible – then simply hang your dress in a steamy room and allow the creases to fall out of the dress naturally. All care is taken when packaging the garment to send to you but sometimes creases will just happen.

The Volte is home to the best designers from Australia and to the women who love to share their love of high fashion and looking and feeling beautiful. Our idea is a simple one: share your love of fashion in a responsible, affordable and ethical way. Search online now for the perfect dress hire Adelaide right now. Rent a dress from Adelaide. 

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