Designer Dress Hire Girls Night

Hip, Hip Hooray It's GIRLS NIGHT! It's the night you've been waiting for, the much anticipated girls night out! The squad is reuniting which means, endless martinis, bubbles, laughter and a return to the D floor. The only problem is you have NOTHING to wear but a wardrobe full of clothes! Whether you're single or loved up, every girl wants to look on point when the squad goes on tour. Finding the right age appropriate dress is key to looking your best and feeling comfortable. The Volte has a range of styles and options suitable for all locations from local bar, nightclub or stylish restaurant.Three important things to remember when dressing for girls night: 1) You MUST be able to dance in your dress. 2) Remember rule number 1. 3) Don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone - tonight is about the girls not the boys so HAVE FUN. Get a dress delivered to your door in time to spend an hour or so in front of the mirror getting that hair just right.To help take the stress out of getting ready for your girls night out, we have some looks that will have you feeling like the squad queen. Wear the latest and greatest Alex Perry, Thurley, Eliya The Label, Yeojin Bae, Self Portrait or Shona Joy to name just a few. Join the Volte Cult today and get borrowing!

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