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Maggie Marilyn Destined To Be Dress Black Size 8

Size 8

A$220.00 - A$242.00


Norman Park, QLD


A dress that is both elegant and sexy in it's simplicity. This garment was made by the talented Maggie Marilyn machinists and the fabric was supplied by Walls Fabrics. Main: 81% Triacetate 19% Polyester [Deadstock*] Lining: 100% FSC Viscose [Viscose is FSC certified] *Deadstock fabrics are essentially leftovers. They are a result of a broken fashion system where brands over order fabrics or textile mills over produce. The deadstock industry is a bi-product of the broken ‘take-make-waste’ model. Until this model is changed, Maggie Marilyn believe that repurposing deadstock is making the best of a broken system (and we agree). Maggie Marilyn will continue to educate the community and industry peers around this issue with the hope that in time, deadstock fabric will exist only in very small quantities from fully traceable supply chains. Try on service offered to Brisbane borrowers only - no charge. Borrowers must travel to Norman Park for this service. Retail Price: $895 Thank you for considering sustainable fashion options! Learn more at @tothenines_hire xx

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