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Slip into your very own designer Kookai dress for your next special occasion. The Volte hires out dream designer dresses for a fraction of the retail price.


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Kookai Haven Slip Dress Pink Multi Size 40 / AU 12


Size 12

$69 Rental
$240 RRP

A staple designer for women's occasional wardrobes in Australia, Kookai has long been synonymous with designer dresses that deliver on quality, fashion and style. 

The Volte creates even greater access to Kookai’s collections, allowing every woman to feel stunning, pretty and unique while ensuring that the life cycle of each dress is extended beyond the special occasion. A premier company in the designer dress hire space, The Volte has got you covered for each and every occasion while saving you hundreds of dollars and ensuring clothes stay in circulation (and out of the landfill)! 

The Volte is on a mission to change the way Australians consume fashion. Connecting borrowers and lenders in their bespoke rental marketplace, the Volte removes financial barriers allowing women to access their dream wardrobe for whatever the occasion while creating a circular economy for clothing that takes care of our planet. By hiring a dress through The Volte, you contribute to saving clothing from being discarded. 

A little known truth is that a woman’s wardrobe is a gateway to self-expression and both The Volte and Kookai understand this only too well. Kookai has had their ears to the ground for over three decades of operation, paying close attention to trending styles but ensuring that their collections respond to the Kookai woman – they are in a constant and evolving dialogue with their audiences. The result is dynamic designs that are both timely and timeless – and now both affordable and just a click away!

In addition to carrying the label Kookai, The Volte also carries dresses from other designer labels. From Sheike, Camilla and Marc, Scanlan and Theodore, Bec and Bridge, Alice McCall, Dion Lee and Rebecca Vallance, and many more designers available, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Why are Kookai dresses so popular?

Bringing a little bit of Parisian-chic from Paris, where the label was originally founded in 1983, Kookai eventually established themselves in 1992 in Australia. Opening several boutiques, including the flagship store in Melbourne’s Chapel St, Kookai Top Ryde and the Kookai outlet store, the designer label has been available to Australian women for decades, and you can now find Kookai online at The Volte.

The well-loved label is known for serving up a unique fashion experience for women that often combines timeless style with modern trends celebrating women’s femininity through each collection. A driving motivation for Kookai is creating stunning collections that empower women to feel their very best, no matter the occasion, no matter the woman!

Utilising a range of different fabrics and materials, with over three decades of designing experience under their belt and catering towards a range of sizes, Kookai encourages women to transcend fashion boundaries and embrace their truest selves.

The care and consideration of their dress designs have seen Kookai stand the test of time in the Australian fashion scene, seeing through season after season of success. Known as much for their subtle and classy tones as they are for their bold cuts and patterns, Kookai really does have something to suit every woman – no matter your shape or size. It is this that makes them such a staple label of Australian fashion and a coveted designer in any woman’s wardrobe.

How to take care of Kookai dresses?

Taking care of Kookai dresses is easier than you think!

Each dress from The Volte will come with the care instructions from Kookai as per the garment’s best care. We recommend having a plan before you start getting ready to slip into your hired Kookai dress.

Care of your dress while getting ready will depend on the style of your Kookai dress and whether you wear makeup or not. The style of dress will determine how you would get in and out of it: do you have to pull it over your head, or can you step into it and pull it up?

If your makeup will involve any powder or residue forming products, it’s recommended that you put the dress on after applying makeup. However, if that’s not possible, we recommend that you wear a robe over the top of your dress to protect it while you apply any makeup or hair products. Ensure that the neckline is covered to prevent any product from coming into contact with the garment.

Once the Kookai dress is on, get out there and enjoy your special occasion to the fullest, knowing you look smashing in this designer label!

If you do damage the dress, reach out to your lender immediately to arrange a resolution. While dry-cleaning costs are factored into your hire fee, any additional cleaning, care or repairs required as a result of damage during hire will need to be covered by yourself. If disputes arise, The Volte will step in at this stage but play nice out there – this is about having fun and being kind – not just to ourselves and the environment, but to each other.

Once you’ve danced the night away in your Kookai dress (and fielded multiple compliments on how fabulous you look), simply repack it in the pre-addressed post-bag that was provided with the original shipping. We ask that you express parcels through the yellow post box to ensure they are returned in a timely manner.

What was once only able to be experienced in a Kookai boutique with a traditional retail price tag can now be yours for that special occasion at just a fraction of the cost, thanks to The Volte!

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