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Look your best without spending much and rent a luxury dress from The Volte! Our dress hire Perth option makes renting dresses that bit easier on our platform.


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Aje Baret Sleeved Mini Dress Hot Pink Size 8


Size 8

A$138 Rental
A$525 RRP

Looking up ‘dress hire Perth’ online? It’s a great idea if you want to stun in a luxury dress without breaking the bank. Instead of buying a brand new designer dress for thousands of dollars, you can borrow one at a fraction of the cost. When you hire the dress instead of buying it, you can also save on closet space and get more dress options such as exclusive brand releases and hard-to-find dress styles. 

The Volte carries one of the biggest selections of luxury dresses and accessories in Australia, thanks to our network of lenders on our online platform. We are fostering a community where women can easily access services for dress hire in Melbourne or from anywhere they are in Australia. 

There’s a lot to consider when you get a dress hire in Perth or from any city. Below, we’ve answered some common questions related to designer rentals that might help. 

How long can I hire a dress for?

Borrowers are required to return the dress for rental within the renting period to avoid paying late fees. You can typically get a dress hire in Perth for up to a week or even longer than that if your lender allows it. The cost of your dress hire service also depends on the duration of your rental, so make sure to keep that in mind. 

At The Volte, you can hire a dress for up to four days under our standard hire and up to eight days with the extended hire. All lenders from The Volte lenders will offer the standard hire option, and it’s up to them to offer the extended hire option for their dresses. Before booking a dress, you may reach out to the lender to know if they can lend you the dress at your desired rental period. You are also welcome to ask other questions regarding the dress, such as possible styling options. 

Is it possible to fit the dress before renting it?

It is possible for you to fit a dress before renting it with a local dress hire in Perth. But while others don’t mind visiting a rental shop in person, others find it an inconvenience, or they live too far away to have that option. If this is the case for you, an online dress hire in Perth is ideal. Online dress rental platforms will list the dimensions of their items so you can check if it fits you without having to leave home anymore. 

All dresses listed at The Volte are in Australian sizing, making it easier to find dresses that fit you. You can simply check the size of a dress you own and use it as a reference when renting a dress from The Volte. You may also confirm the exact dimensions of the dress with the lender if you want to make sure. On our platform, you may browse by size so you can quickly find your match. 

How quickly can rental dresses get delivered to me?

If you plan to get a dress hire in Perth, you’re probably wondering how long it will take for the dress to be delivered. Shipping usually takes longer the farther you are from the lender’s location. On average, those living in the metro areas can get their dresses in one to three days, while those in rural areas receive them in about five days. It’s best to book your dress or gown rental ahead of time to leave more allowance for potential delivery delays, and so you can make the necessary preparations as well. 

Once you’ve picked out a dress you want to rent at The Volte, place your order, and the lender will arrange to have it delivered to your location. If the lender’s location is near you, you may opt for our pickup arrangement as well, but make sure to check with your lender first. 

Returning your borrowed dress is easy too. A pre-addressed post bag will be included in your package, and you just need to repack the dress and post the parcel through yellow post boxes to send it back to the lender. No need to wash or dry-clean your dress before returning it, as the lender will take care of getting the dress cleaning before and after your dress hire period. In case you accidentally stained or damaged the dress, let the lender know at once for a resolution. 

The Volte is a top choice for luxury dress hire in Sydney because we have an extensive range of high-quality rental dresses you can choose from in categories like prom dress hire, formal wear hire, wedding dress hire, and so much more. We also carry popular brands that you can borrow through our dress hire options like Zimmermann dress hire, Bec And Bridge dress hire, Camilla dress hire, and Alex Perry dress hire

Aside from dresses, you can also rent accessories such as bags, shoes, belts, and even jewellery at The Volte to complete your outfits. Feel free to explore our different collections while you’re at it, so you don’t miss out on some rare finds. 

Ready to get a dress hire in Perth? Pick out your favourite designer dresses at The Volte now for your upcoming special occasion! 

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