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Photograph your item and add description details. Ensure your Stripe account is completed, you will then be able to publish your listing. 


Wait for a borrower to request the item using our secure online system. 


Choose how you wish to ship the item - we recommend Australian Post Express Parcels or Zoom2u (our low cost courier service). See their websites for tips on packing. As a lender you are required to include a return self addressed Express Parcel bag for the Borrower to return the item if this is the shipping method you choose.


Advise the Borrower how you wish the item to be returned. We recommend always using the method you used to ship it and including a self-addressed Express Post Parcel bag if you used Australian Post.

I am under 18 – can I be a lender?

If you are under the age of 18, you will need a parent or guardian to lend and liaise on your behalf. All liability will be accepted by them.

How much does it cost to list?

It is absolutely free to list all of your designer items with the Volte! Once you accept a booking request you will be charged a service fee of 16.5%. This service fee is taken off the hire price only, and does not impact upon the shipping amount that you receive.

I am a corporate lender with a large stock base to upload - can you help?

Of course! We have a tech team here to help with high volume uploads to take the pressure off listing your stock with us. Simply send an email request through to [email protected] with your website URL or Instagram, and include any pricing adjustments you would like make (accounting for return satchels, service fees, etc).

How do I list my designer items?

Once you have created your Volte Lending Account, simply click on your Account Name (in the top-right corner), head to 'My Account', click 'Lending', click 'My Listings' and click 'Create Product' . Make sure you thoroughly fill in all criteria, including captioning your images as the item name.

How do I know which size to list my items as?

All items must be listed in Australian sizing, with the designer stipulated equivalent given where they use a different numbering system. For instance, if an item is a Zimmermann size 1, you must list this as an Australian 10 as this is what the Zimmerman size guide states. If you believe a piece runs larger or smaller, you have the option of inputting this information in the listing also. If your item has flexible sizing and can fit a range of sizing, make sure you create a separate listing for each size, and state clearly in the size notes what the labelled size is.

What if I have multiple sizes of the same item?

If you are a corporate lender that has multiple sizes of the same item, always create an individual listing for each. This is so that when borrowers search by their size, your listing comes up for them.

How much should I list my dress for?

The rental price of your listings is completely up to you. We suggest that you take into account the condition and age of the item when determining the rental fee. It is also a good idea to search comparable listings to get a feel for the market price your specific item is going for. Generally if an item is in ‘near new’ condition, the hire price is approximately 25% of the RRP. Please ensure that the price you list for includes the cost of dry-cleaning, and a return postal satchel with tracking to send to your borrower.

What do I do if a designer is missing from the list?

If the designer of your item isn't listed in the drop-down menu, simply send an email to support who will complete this for you, and select 'other' in the meantime'

Can I use images from designers or other professional photos?

Due to copyright you cannot use designer advertising imagery - the images you upload must be your own images. Copyright-free images sourced online of the dress may be used.

Are there any restrictions on what can be listed?

The Volte exists to allow users to tap into their under-utilised high-end designer clothing, therefore most designer dresses, outerwear, handbags, accessories and millinery are accepted, provided they are authentic, in good condition and have a RRP over $100.
The Volte reserves the right to remove any item deemed to be unsuitable. 

How do I show borrowers when my item is available or booked out?

We have a live calendar that shows when your item is booked. You are also able to make a manual booking, for when you would like to use your item!

How do I know the borrower’s address?

All relevant hire details, including the borrower’s address, can be found under your account dashboard, in the ‘Lending’ tab.

How can I send through a tracking number?

Our message privacy filters will automatically remove any number sequences, to protect the privacy of both our borrowers and lenders. To send through the tracking number, simply add it to the order details. You are also able to add the return tracking number. 

How do I know when to send my dress?

Your order confirmation will provide a rough estimate as to when you item should be sent. This delivery calculator is strictly a guide working off metro to metro delivery. It is essential that you contact Australia Post well in advance of every hire, to make sure that you have a clear and accurate idea of when the parcel must be sent in order to be delivered to the borrower on time. In the event that your item gets to the borrower too late for them to wear to their event, a full refund is due.

When are lenders paid out for hires?

Payment is held in your Stripe account and transferred to you 7 business days after the hire ends. This is to ensure that the item arrives on time and in good condition prior to the lender being paid out (so as to protect the borrower) and to allow for a period in which we are able to complete refunds on your behalf, to prevent lender from having to transact from personal bank accounts. If you feel there has been a delay in you hire being paid out to you, please contact the Support Team.

How should I pack my item?

Please pack your designer items with care and attention - to minimise the risk of damage or creasing. We recommend using yellow Australia Post express satchels for all hires. Please keep a record of all tracking numbers and proactively monitor the delivery.

Do I have to include a return postal satchel?

The Volte requires all lenders to include a tracked return postal satchel to borrowers, in order to minimise the risk of late or impeded return. If you are unable to do so, you must inform your borrower of this and make them aware that they are required to pay for the cost of return.

Is there a limit to how many items I can upload?

There is no limit to how many items you list with the Volte, as long as they meet all of the appropriate criteria.

Am I able to sell my items rather than hire?

Of course! All listings are able to have a 'Buy Now' option filled in, whereby you include the price for which you would be willing to sell the item. Please only include a Buy Now price on your item if you are willing to sell.

I am lending out extremely high value items ($750+) – are there any extra precautions I have to take?

For lenders who are hiring out items of a significant value, The Volte advises you to always pay for postal insurance, ensure a signature is required upon delivery and cover these under your personal contents insurance also. You are also able to opt-in to Volte insurance for $5, which will cover your items for an additional $500 in the case of theft, however is meant as a backup and not a sole insurance pathway. All lenders understand that they hire out these items are their own risk, and The Volte is not responsible for any loss, damage of theft.

Is it possible to rent designer items all over Australia?

Yes – we are a national marketplace and you can borrow and lend designer items from all over Australia. As a user you must take into consideration the interstate timing factor in relation to delivery times. For Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory we recommend allowing 4 days for Express Post Parcels. Please check Australia Post for regional and remote timing.

What happens if someone doesn’t return my dress?

Borrowers automatically receive an email reminding them of when their item must be returned - so it is most likely on its way back to you already. If you wish to receive further confirmation that an item has been posted for return, you must contact the borrower through your Volte messages. If you have attempted to contact the borrower but have not received a reply for 48hours, please contact the Support Team.

What is The Volte’s $5 Opt-In Insurance?

The Volte’s $5 opt-in insurance covers lenders in the event of theft or loss to the value of $500. This amount is paid out at the conclusion of any internal/external investigations that take place.

A borrower isn’t responding to my messages – what do I do?

Please allow 48hours for a borrower to reply to your message. If the contact is urgent, please contact the Support Team who will liaise with the borrower on your behalf.

Who is responsible for dry-cleaning?

Lenders take care of the cleaning of the designer item, that way you get the dress back quickly and can have quality control over the cleaning. We recommend the Lender includes the price of the dry-cleaning in the Rental Fee. We are currently looking into an affiliated dry cleaner business for our website so watch this space.

My dress has returned damaged - what do I do?

If your item has been returned damaged, The Volte will work with you to have you reimbursed for the cost of either repair or replacement. We always recommend that you take pictures of your items before each hire, so you have an accurate record of when damage was sustained. Please note that The Volte does not take responsibility for loss or damage of items rented out through the platform. The Volte simply provides an online marketplace for lenders and borrower to connect. Although the Volte will work in every way possible to make sure these reimbursements are received, we are not liable for the payment of these.

What if there is a dispute between a Borrower and a Lender?

In the event of a dispute between a borrower and a lender, they must first liaise extensively to attempt to come to a resolution together in good faith. If this is not able to resolve the issue, Support must be contacted within 48 hours of a dispute arising and provided with the details of the dispute, and clear evidence of attempts to resolve it. If Support are contacted before both parties have liaised with each other, they will be instructed to do so before we are able to intervene.

A borrower is refusing to pay late/damage fees – now what?

In the event that a borrower refuses to pay late/damage fees due, we will give them 14 days to make this payment in good faith. If they resist further, the account will be passed on to a debt-collection service.

Australia Post has lost my parcel - what do I do?

From time to time, Australia Post may misplace or lose your parcel either on its way to or from your borrower. If this is the case, launch an investigation with Australia Post, including the tracking number, to get the ball rolling on locating the item. In almost all situations, the parcel is found, however if not you are eligible for compensation from Australia Post, and any other insurance pathways you have taken out. You are able to contact [email protected] at any time for assistance.

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