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Sparkle and shine in a luxury sequin dress at your upcoming event with a dress hire from The Volte. Our premium dresses for rent will save you a lot of money!

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CeliaB Agata Sequin Dress Multi-colored Size S / AU 8


Size 8

A$168 Rental $589 RRP

A sequin dress, also known as a glitter dress, is one of the most timeless pieces in the fashion industry. Sequin dresses are perfect for almost all occasions be it formal or casual, and it just depends on the actual style of the sparkly dresses. A sequin dress maxi style, for example, is ideal for gala shows or awards ceremonies as its full length can offer you a classy and sophisticated look. If you want something more comfortable, a sequin midi dress is a better choice. A colourful sequin dress is also a great option to consider for birthday celebrations while dark glittery dresses are best for night-time events. 

The Volte has an extensive party dresses sequin collection for hire. But you won’t just find any sequin dress at The Volte – we offer luxury dresses to make luxury fashion more accessible and affordable for everyone and sustainable for the environment at the same time. You can also avail of a wedding dress hire Melbourne, Bec and Bridge dress hire, Camilla hire, Acler dress hire, Jacquemus dress hire, Sir the Label Hire, and Ginger and Smart hire services from The Volte. 

What is a sequin dress?

Sequins are tiny metal discs that are sewn onto dresses and garments to make them look shiny and sparkly. Sequins debuted as a fashion trend sometime around the 1930s, and today, sequins are just as popular as ever. This is because they can be sewn onto almost any fabric and part of clothing such as the neckline of a gown, sleeve of a robe, shoulder of a shirt, and waist of a backless or strapless wedding gown. Sequins also go well with dress features like a mini fringe. A sequin dress can also have a variety of sequin sizes from tiny fish scale-like discs to near-coin-sized diameters. Regardless of that, a sequin dress is always a safe choice for any occasion. 

The Volte has hundreds of sequin dresses from top-notch designers known worldwide. The good news is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars for a dress from a luxury brand that you will only wear for a few hours. At a fraction of the original price of a luxury dress, you can rock in a premium dress that fits your occasion just right. 

How to choose the right sequin dress for yourself?

It’s good to have a variety of options for dresses you want to hire. However, it can also be too overwhelming to single out the best one out of all of them. To help you pick the best sequin dress that suits your preferences and needs, consider these factors: 

The dress materials 

In any event, one of your main considerations when choosing a dress is if it can guarantee you comfort. Dresses made of linen, cotton, and silk are lightweight and breathable fabric options that can keep you comfortable. At The Volte, you can find dresses in all kinds of materials to find your right match. 

The dress style 

What is the theme of the event you are going to? Where is the venue, and what time of the day will it be held? These factors can help you pick out the right style of sequin outfit that fits the occasion best. The Volte has cocktail sequin dresses for casual events and full-length sequin gowns for formal occasions. 

The dress label 

You don’t always have to wear dresses from luxury brands only, but once in a while, treat yourself to the finer things in life, and a sequin dress from a design label can boost your confidence significantly. The Volte makes luxury fashion affordable as you can rent them for even less than a hundred dollars depending on the style and your desired rental period. 

How to hire a sequin dress?

A sequin dress rental process is just like buying a brand-new dress; the only difference is that you need to return it after use. To rent a dress from The Volte, pick your favourites from our collection and add them to your virtual cart on our platform. Once you’ve settled on which one to order, send the lender a request to borrow along with your desired rental period – four days under a standard hire or eight days under extended hire. Once the lender confirms the availability of your dress, you can arrange shipping of the dress to your location in Australia or opt to pick it up yourself from the lender’s location if they agree to such an arrangement. Your dress will come with a pre-addressed postbag where you will repack the dress after the event so you can return it without the hassle. Make sure to post the return package through yellow postboxes for us to receive it. 

When borrowing a sequin dress, avoid staining or damaging it so you can avoid additional fees for the necessary repairs as well. In case you inflict some damage to your dress, let the lender know right away to arrange a resolution. The Volte must be contacted right away in case a dispute between the two parties arises. 

Attend any occasion in style and confidence when you’re wearing your dream sequin dress from The Volte. Browse our dress hire collection today to rent the perfect outfit you envision at great prices.

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