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Elevate your wedding day with a touch of ethereal beauty and modern luxury, courtesy of Christie Nicole Bridal's stunning collection of bespoke wedding gowns, now available for hire at our dress hire company.


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Christie Nicole Bridal Kym Dress White Size 8

Christie Nicole Bridal

Size 8

$805 Rental
$5,000 RRP

Christie Nicole Bridal is an Australian label that specialises in creating bespoke wedding gowns for the modern bride. Founded in 2016 by designer Christie Nicole Trowbridge, the brand has become known for its luxurious fabrics, intricate details, and romantic silhouettes.

Christie Nicole Bridal prides itself on creating unique and personalized gowns that reflect the individuality of each bride. The brand's designs are inspired by nature, with flowing fabrics and delicate details that evoke a sense of ethereal beauty. From soft tulle skirts to handcrafted lace bodices, every Christie Nicole Bridal gown is a work of art.

Christie Nicole Bridal is committed to using only the finest fabrics and materials in its designs. The brand sources its fabrics from all over the world, including silk from Italy and lace from France. Each gown is handcrafted in the brand's studio in Brisbane, Australia, ensuring that every detail is perfect.

In addition to its bespoke bridal gowns, Christie Nicole Bridal also offers a range of accessories to complete the bridal look. From delicate veils to sparkling hairpieces, the brand's accessories are designed to add the perfect finishing touch to any gown.

Overall, Christie Nicole Bridal is a brand that embodies modern luxury and timeless elegance. With its bespoke designs, commitment to quality, and dedication to sustainability, it is a perfect fit for any bride who wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day.

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