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Dress hire Melbourne from The Volte is the simple, sustainable way to access the latest in high fashion from the best designers at the world, and at a fraction of the price on the tag.


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Of course, purchasing your own wardrobe of designer pieces is a bit beyond most people’s pay packet. We can’t all be A-list celebrities and we can’t afford the latest runway pieces direct from latest Perry collection, or follow Kendall Jenner’s latest trend in a Bec and Bridge dress for a night. By choosing dress hire Melbourne rather than purchasing your event piece, you’ll typically pay about 10% of the garment’s overall price for the chance to wear it and look and feel fabulous.

in Australia who has that party, Spring Carnival or wedding ceremony. You can now rent dresses online from the wardrobes of women from Perth and Adelaidelocally around Melbourne.

How does dress hire Melbourne work?

Firstly, you start looking for your perfect wedding dress rental or bridesmaid dresses from The Volte’s collection. You can search by capital cities or you can narrow your search to local places around Melbourne like Melbourne CBD, Hawthorn and Richmond, or widen your search to Preston, Dandenong and even Bendigo and the Mornington Peninsula. 

Chances are, somebody has the perfect dress you want already and rather than buying your own copy, you can simply rent formal dresses. Not only are you saving money but you’re helping the planet too. By sharing what we have, we can build a sustainable community who is able to share their love of designer fashion without creating unnecessary waste. 

Once you have found the perfect Zimmerman dress rental for that special black tie event, then you’ll need to check that it’s available for the time you need it. We always recommended booking your dress hire Melbourne as far in advance as you possibly can. Of course, last minute fancy events do occasionally crop up and that’s no need to stress. You will likely find somebody nice and local with the perfect dress available. If it is a last minute event then choose a dress located as close to you as possible to avoid lengthy postage delays.

All of the dress hire Melbourne pieces are sent via Australia post and are carefully packaged to avoid damage and minimal creasing. Of course, some fabrics crease more than others and if your gown down arrive with a little extra folds in it, simply hang it up in a steamy room and let the creases fall out. It’s vitally important that you follow the garment’s care instructions to the letter to avoid accidentally damaging the fabric. 

If you are looking for your graduation or formal dress and you’re not yet over the age of 18 then we will need adult to complete your dress hire Melbourne for you. This just means that if anything happens to the dress while you have it and it is damaged, then an adult can take responsibility for any of those damages. 

The cost of postage and of dry cleaning are already included in the dress hire Melbourne price so once the event has finished, you simply repackage your dress in the same way that it arrived and send it back to the owner using the preaddressed postage slip provided. 

Can I rent my wedding dress from The Volte?

The cost of purchasing a wedding dress, particularly if you’re looking for a formal and traditional piece, can easily cost you thousands of dollars. For a dress that is likely to be worn only the once in your lifetime, this is possibly not the best use of your wedding funds. Wouldn’t it be better to reserve that money for a honeymoon or the deposit on your new house, perfect for the new family you have just created? By renting your wedding dress, you can still enjoy the best and most stunning bridal designs from the top designers in Australia but for a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own gown. 

This will mean that you are unable to make alterations to your gown but if you choose carefully, then you should be able to find the perfect wedding dress at just the right length, ideal for the big day.

Do you have a few designer pieces in your wardrobe that you don’t really wear anymore? Why not put them up for hire at The Volte and let someone else enjoy that thrill of wearing something beautiful too? By putting your gowns up for dress hire Melbourne, you can make a little extra on the side from the stunning pieces in your wardrobe other women would love to wear too. 

Volte and wow the crowds at your next event. Dress hire Adelaide is also available. 

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