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Zimmermann Anneke Lantern Midi Dress Print Size 0


Size 8

A$204 Rental $1100 RRP

Leo Lin Marguerite Rose Cotton Dress Coral Print Size 10

Leo and Lin

Size 10

A$153 Rental $699 RRP

Aje Capucine Puff Sleeve Mini Dress Print Size 8


Size 8

A$154 Rental $495 RRP

Alemais Matilde Puff Sleeve Mini Dress Print Size 10


Size 10

A$121 Rental $525 RRP

Camilla and Marc

Size 8

A$143 Rental $650 RRP

Zimmermann Anneke Ruffle Mini Dress Print Size 1


Size 10

A$198 Rental $650 RRP

Aje Jolie Abstract Cut Out Midi Dress Expression Print Size 10


Size 10

A$165 Rental $695 RRP

Aje Colette Abstract Cut Out Mini Dress Grass Green Size 10


Size 10

A$149 Rental $475 RRP

Aje Jolie Abstract Cut Out Top and Asymmetric Midi Skirt Set Sun Shower Yellow Size 8


Size 8

A$198 Rental $750 RRP

Leo and Lin The Fields Linen Mini Dress Black Size 8

Leo and Lin

Size 8

A$131 Rental $599 RRP

Rebecca Vallance Sylvie Mini Dress White Size 8

Rebecca Vallance

Size 8

A$110 Rental $699 RRP

Zimmermann Rhythmic Shirred Midi Dress Citrus Garden Print Size 1


Size 10

A$198 Rental $1100 RRP

Zimmermann Violet Twist Front Mini Dress Mustard Multi Floral Print Size 0


Size 6

A$171 Rental $625 RRP

Alemais Marta Patchwork Shirt Dress Print Size 12


Size 12

A$160 Rental $675 RRP


Size 8

A$138 Rental $395 RRP

Aje Serpentine Corset Mini Dress Print Size 8


Size 8

A$138 Rental $395 RRP


Size 8

A$109 Rental $349 RRP

Sir the Label Signe Deconstructed Gown Black Size 10

Sir the Label

Size 10

A$220 Rental $580 RRP

Zimmermann The Violet Twist Front Midi Dress in Purple Multi Floral Print Size 0


Size 8

A$171 Rental $750 RRP

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Dress hire makes wearing designer clothes possible and accessible for everyone to experience. Say goodbye to the days when you thought that wearing a designer outfit was just a dream for those who could afford it. We make stylish dresses available for everyone from all sizes and budgets, so if you’re looking for dress hire Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia, know that there’s something for you at The Volte. The experience of looking and feeling fashionable is all yours for the win, whether you’re planning to borrow dresses or even lease clothes to earn your investment.

Wearing designer fashion gives a positive feeling and boosts one’s confidence in looking and feeling good. Just like getting designer gowns for rent like a wedding dress hire and using them for a special event leaves one feeling empowered and happy. Thanks to online dress hire services like The Volte that gives value and access to your choice of designer clothes and accessories that you will surely love. 

How does dress hire work?

Finding a dress for a particular event can cause stress, especially if you’re looking for a specialised fabric, colour and brand. However, this new trend of renting online makes hiring dresses for any occasion easy and practical. So whether you're scoping for Zimmerman Dress Hire or Alex Perry Dress Hire, you can look your best without breaking the bank.

Dress hire Australia works on three aspects: lenders, dress hire collections and borrowers. 

If you own designer clothes or gowns, you can use dress hire services like The Volte to list all your designer items, which is absolutely free! All you need to do is:

  • Create a Volte lending account
  • Fill in all criteria
  • Head to ‘My Listings’
  • And click ‘List new item’

After that, you need to caption your rent a dress image as the item name, then wait and accept booking requests.

Borrowers will only need to fill out and sign-up to open an account and search for a dress hire. You can refine your search by viewing and selecting options for available sizes, designer brands, colour and rental period. You also need to choose when you would like your dress hire to be delivered. To avoid any inconvenience, you can book a request in advance and lock in that perfect outfit hire as early as you like.

What are the benefits of dress hire?

Last minute shopping for new clothes can take much of your time and money. If you are located on Australia’s east coast, a dress hire in Sydney allows you to enjoy wearing different designer clothes that make fashion accessible and hassle-free. 

Pay only a fraction of the original price

Instead of buying new and expensive clothes, you can save money when you rent a dress as you only pay a fraction of the original price of the rented designer dress.

New clothes can cost you hundreds and even thousands of dollars, depending on the brand and style. So if you are planning to wear a dress only for a special occasion, you can look for a Camila Dress Hire so you can save money while at the same time looking classy, elegant and fashionable.

The next time you’re searching online phrases like ‘dress hire Australia’, think of The Volte: a dedicated online network for dress lenders and borrowers. You can be sure that we have a safe system that covers all your financial transactions with clear terms and conditions protecting the interest of both parties.

Enjoy more choices

Why shop elsewhere when our dress hire platform lets you navigate easily; our categories are divided into categories like clothing, accessories, and occasions, with advanced filtering options to narrow down your search such as by designer, colour, and size. We provide you with a wide dress hire network that gives you different clothing style choices from vintage, chic, cocktail, party dresses and many more! You won’t be limited by what is available as our clothing hire solution allows you to wear a designer dress with many alternatives such as floral or maxi.

Sizing options made better

Clothes for rent gives you better sizing options from one-size-fits-all to plus sizes. You are never limited to only one size, but you can choose from other available sizes should you be looking for knee-length or floor-length dresses of your choice.

When you rent a dress at The Volte, sizing choices are made easy for you. All items are listed in Australian sizing and lenders are asked to create an individual listing for each item, so when you search by size, it will automatically show up.

Save on closet space

Lastly, dress hire helps you save on closet space as you don’t have to worry about properly storing them. Fashion trends change so fast, and for sure, you wouldn’t be wearing the same clothes multiple times on an occasion. Most would opt for a dress hire option as wearing it once and storing it at home requires maintenance and takes up space. So why not free up your closet space through a dress hire system so you wouldn’t even have to think of it anymore.

How to choose the perfect dress to hire?

Choosing the perfect dress to hire may be a bit challenging, especially if you have limited time. But when you choose a dress hire in Australia, you have a lot of choices in finding that perfect dress.

Clothes can make you look bigger, slimmer or smaller. When choosing the right dress, it is best to choose one that will highlight your physical features. Knowing how to dress up based on your body shape will not only help you look your best but it makes you feel confident too.

Let’s say you have an hourglass figure. All you need to do is to show your curves by choosing clothes that will highlight your shoulder or neckline. You may choose a wrap-around dress, a romper or a jumper that draws attention even to your narrow waist and will show off your best feature.

Make sure that you also know what colour, brand, and style you want. Some colours work best in your skin tone, so choose one that will look good on you and perfectly complement what you’re looking for! You may need to stick to your preferred designer or brand like Bec And Bridge Dress Hire, where you like the cut and design.

And lastly, you need to know your exact size and body measurement so you can find a dress that will perfectly fit you. Doing so will also save you time booking and shipping your dress. You won’t have a hard time if in case you have to return it for a small or bigger size.

The next time you’re thinking of ‘dress hire Australia’, make sure you check out our huge collection of dresses for hire, right here at The Volte! Our online rental platform gives you a convenient, reliable and secure way to lease and hire that perfect dress. As your premier designer rental destination, we give you an avenue to experience designer items and dresses for a special occasion or otherwise – all while on a budget. Check out what our lenders have available for you today and find that perfect dress!

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