Heather McDowall

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Heather Mcdowall ‘Georgia’ Headband

Heather Mcdowall


A$76 Rental $229 RRP

Tasmanian-born designer Heather McDowall and her eponymous label are the epitome of modern luxe. McDowall’s first foray into fashion saw her create bespoke outfits for clients to wear to wear to the races, and it wasn’t long before her innate affinity for texture and shape naturally led her to explore the bold and glamorous world of millinery.

The Heather McDowall muse is the pinnacle of contemporary cool. She is bold and fearless, with unwavering confidence and effortlessly chic style to match. The label’s game-changing designs are the perfect complement to a life lived luxuriously; premium craftsmanship and couture-inspired silhouettes are underscored with refreshing accessibility.

Thoughtful detailing, unparalleled quality and a sense of modernity are integral to the making of each and every Heather McDowall headpiece. An artful fusion of the dramatic and the elegant imbues each piece with timeless appeal, while an interplay of textures – think leather, lace and precious metals – combine to keep the look current.

Whether it’s a sensual lace veil, Art Deco-inspired florals or architectural metallic feathers and organic forms, a Heather McDowall headpiece provides the perfect focal point for every event and occasion on your social calendar.

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