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Stun a luxury dress without bank-breaking price tags with an Ivona Skelo hire from The Volte. We make luxury fashion accessible and sustainable for everyone.


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Ivona Skelo Vivia Dress Black Size 6

Ivona Skelo

Size 6

$138 Rental
$389 RRP

Experience what luxury fashion feels like with an Ivona Skelo hire. No need to save up for months or get a loan just to wear a designer dress to your upcoming event thanks to dress hire services. A dress hire lets you borrow dresses instead of buying them, so you can save money and closet space and get access to an extensive dress collection of exclusive designer clothing at the same time. If you’ve been scouring the internet for an online dress to hire but to no avail, then you’re in the right place because The Volte is among the best dress hire in Melbourne and all of Australia. 

The Volte carries a range of luxury dresses to hire from different brands. Here, you can get an Ivona Skelo hire, Zimmermann dress hire, Bec and Bridge dress hire, Camilla dress hire, Alex Perry dress hire, and many more – even a wedding dress hire

If your eyes are set on Ivona Skelo dresses, you’re in the right direction as Ivona Skelo is among the most sophisticated designer brands not only in Australia but across the globe as well. Before you rent an Ivona Skelo Fina dress or any dress from the Ivona Skelo shop, however, you should know more about the couture brand first. This way, you can increase your chances of ending up with the right dress for your upcoming occasion. 

Why are dresses from Ivona Skelo so popular?

Most people can’t help but wonder what makes a luxury label so luxurious that each piece can cost thousands of dollars. What makes designer dresses so expensive is their popularity, unparalleled quality, and the opulent experience you get from simply wearing one. In line with that, you might ask what makes Ivona Skelo dresses so popular that would make getting an Ivona Skelo hire worth it? 

Ivona Skelo founded her namesake brand to represent the woman in her that she calls an ‘old soul stuck in the European Baroque era’. Skelo was born in Croatia but grew up in Australia. Her inspiration for starting the Ivona Skelo designer brand was her love for Baroque-style couture. She captures these inspirations with imagery prints that exude European elegance such as french lace, duchess silks, and vibrant colour. Every Ivona Skelo piece is designed to be chic, opulent, and vibrant all at once. The high level of artistry and uniqueness that goes into each piece is what makes the brand so highly sought-after. 

The Volte carries dozens of Ivona Skelo dresses under our Ivona Skelo hire collection. You can choose from a variety of cocktail-length dresses, full-length gowns, dresses with or without sleeves, and some sexy strapless pieces as well. Our platform connects borrowers to lenders so you can directly contact the lender of the Ivona Skelo dress when you want to enquire about its condition, possible alterations, and other important details. 

How to pick the perfect dress from Ivona Skelo?

It can be overwhelming to just pick one dress from an Ivona Skelo hire when you are offered a gamut of beautiful options. To help you narrow down your choices and choose the best one, here are the factors to keep in mind when choosing an Ivona Skelo dress: 


Dresses come in different styles to fit different occasions, so your first consideration should be the theme of the event you are going to. Is it a formal or a casual event? What is the colour scheme? Choose your dress according to the nature of the event such as long gowns for a gala show or a cocktail dress for an outdoor wedding. At The Volte, you can shop by occasion for your convenience. You can browse through countless dress options more efficiently when you scan them by occasion type. 


You don’t want to just look beautiful in your dress, of course; you want to feel comfortable enough to enjoy the event as well. Take your size before getting an Ivona Skelo hire, first, so you can trim down your options only to dresses that fit you. The Volte requires its lenders to state the Australian size of their dresses on the platform for your convenience in browsing your options by size. 


A dress’s material can tell the quality of the dress, and you can also get a vision of how it will feel when you wear it. Make sure to check the material composition of the dress before hiring it to get some idea of its quality. At The Volte, you can easily find specifications such as fabric once you click on your desired dress. You can also ask the lender directly for the exact material type of your desired dress. 

How to hire dresses from Ivona Skelo?

While buying a dress lets you keep it forever, a dress hire in Adelaide or any part of Australia requires you to return the dress within a specified time frame. To rent a dress from an Ivona Skelo hire, send a request to borrow to the lender along with your desired rental period. Once the lender confirms the availability of your dress on the schedule you want, it will be sent straight to your doorstep in secure packaging. To return the dress, just repack it in the provided pre-addressed postbag and post it through yellow postboxes. Just like that, your dress hire experience from Ivona Skelo is complete!

Trust The Volte to provide you with high-quality luxury rental dresses at affordable prices. Check out our Ivona Skelo hire collection today and browse our other dresses for rent while you’re at it as well.

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