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Kartini Lola Mini Dress Print Size 6


Size 6

A$39 Rental $110 RRP

Let’s be real - It’s been years of struggling to find a clothing store that uses quality, stretchy fabrics and clothes that actually fit without needing alterations. Not to mention, the years of being ’catfished’ when your order arrives in the mail vs. the picture online. After a number of online shopping fails and countless times of wasting money on clothes that only last me one wear, I got super motivated to start my own collection that women could rely on and enjoy the quality. All of our pieces are hand-sketched, designed and handmade in Sydney Australia. Kartini focuses on versatility, high quality and comfort. My ultimate goal is to bring out the confidence of every single customer with my collection and provide a line of clothing that ladies of all beautiful shapes and sizes can rely on every season of the year.

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