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Welcome to the vibrant and inclusive world of L'IDÉE, where high-end fashion meets bold, bright colours and stunning pleats. Our impressive collection of L'IDÉE hire dresses ensures you feel as fabulous as you look, with eye-catching and eco-friendly designs.


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Lidee Riviera Sleeveless Gown Seamfoam Size AU 10


Size 10

$138 Rental
$399 RRP

About L'IDÉE

L'IDÉE, launched in 2019, is a standout brand in the Australian fashion scene, well-known for its signature pleated designs and the use of vibrant colours. Founders Iuliia Ievdokymenko and Breeana Smith, with their backgrounds in biology and brand management, infuse the brand with a special mix of artistic vision and environmental consciousness.

L'IDÉE is committed to sustainability, advocating for slow fashion with timeless and quality designs. The brand has a focus on local sourcing, ethical production practices, and reducing its carbon footprint through upcycling and using recyclable materials. 

By choosing L'IDÉE, fashionistas can embrace fashion that's not only stylish but also responsible, joining a movement towards a more sustainable (and elegant) future.

Best Occasions for L'IDÉE Dresses

L'IDÉE's beautiful range, comprising full-length dresses, minis, and midis, caters to both formal and whimsical tastes. Perfect for a variety of occasions, from daytime garden parties to elegant evening affairs, these versatile dresses artfully merge modern design with timeless elements of the classical era, ensuring you look the part for any special event. 

Where are L'IDÉE Dresses Most Popular?

While L'IDÉE dresses are adored by fashion lovers throughout Australia, you can find the largest collection of L'IDÉE hire dresses in style hubs like Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. As of December 2023, these cities boast an unmatched selection of the brand’s pieces on The Volte, with an impressive array of styles and sizes available.


Who owns L'IDÉE?

L'IDÉE is co-owned by Iuliia Ievdokymenko, a Ukrainian biologist with a rich background in fashion and the arts, and Breeana Smith, an Australian with extensive experience in brand management and product development. Their diverse experiences and passion for fashion and sustainability are the driving forces behind L'IDÉE's unique identity.

Do L'IDÉE dresses typically fit according to standard sizing?

Thanks to the unique pleating technique used in most of L'IDÉE’s dress designs, the brand typically offers a size-fluid design, allowing for a versatile fit across the chest, waist, and hips. Most styles don't adhere to exact measurements. So, we recommend selecting your size based on L'IDÉE’s size guide, while considering your usual size.  

What is the cost of a L'IDÉE dress?

Buying a L'IDÉE dress outright will set you back anywhere from the high $200s to the high $500s. Luckily, you can rent one from The Volte for as little as $45!

What is L'IDÉE’s size range?

L'IDÉE’s sizes range from XS to XL, or 6 to 14. 

How to select the L'IDÉE dress that will suit me best?

To discover your ideal L'IDÉE dress, think about the nature of your event and your fashion sense. Explore The Volte's extensive L'IDÉE collection, considering styles that flatter your figure. If you’re struggling with sizing, feel free to contact our customer support for personalised guidance. Keep in mind, the perfect dress should not only suit your style but also offer comfort and the right fit for your body shape.

Dress Hire at The Volte

At The Volte, we provide an effortless and straightforward process for hiring luxury dresses, accessible anywhere in Australia. Ready to hire a L'IDÉE dress for your next special event? Start by exploring our diverse collection of designs to find your perfect match. If you're not sure about sizing, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for guidance.

Once you've chosen your ideal dress, secure your reservation as soon as possible, particularly for sought-after styles. The rental fee at The Volte is comprehensive, covering both return shipping and the dress's dry cleaning.

Should your dress arrive with some creases, don't worry. A little time hanging in a steamy room will have it looking flawless and event-ready.

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