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Rodeo Show Midi Dress Green Size 14

Rodeo Show

Size 14

A$45 Rental
A$329 RRP

Born in 2003 right out of Oxford street in London, this label will have you fashionably primed to perfection, whatever the event. With an interesting mix of Gatsby-esque retro flair and modern form-fitting constructions, Rodeo Show operates with a unique style that is completely their own. Perfect for your upcoming cocktail occasion, engagement party or day at the races, Rodeo Show is sure to have you turning heads for all the right reasons. Playing with ruffles, extravagant laces, out-of-the-box necklines and flirty hems, this label is too much fun to ignore. Perfect for the Volte woman who wants to stamp her own style on things, these pieces are versatile enough to match any social setting. Want to try them all? Rent. Don’t buy your next big Rodeo Show look today.

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