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Explore a curated selection of Venroy's finest designer dresses available for rent. Perfect for any special occasion, make a statement with The Volte's affordable luxury fashion rentals.


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Venroy Mesh Tank Dress Jamaica Scene Size L/AU 12


Size 12

$115 Rental
$250 RRP

Renting Venroy dresses from us is not just about making a fashion statement; it's about making a difference. It's time to elevate your wardrobe in a way that uplifts the planet, one dress at a time. 


Venroy Dress Hire Ideas

Renowned for its luxurious fabrics, understated elegance, and timeless designs, Venroy presents a curated selection of dresses that cater to every taste and occasion. Attending a formal gala, a beachside wedding, or a corporate event? Our Venroy dress hire collection offers the perfect ensemble for every moment.

Silk Slip Dress

Ideal for elegant evenings, a silk slip Venroy pink dress combines simplicity with luxury. Its fluid silhouette and subtle sheen epitomize timeless beauty.

Mini Dress

Perfect for daytime events or casual outings, a Venroy mini dress made from premium linen offers comfort without compromising on style. Its airy design and flattering cut ensure you look chic in the summer heat.

Maxi Dress

Make an entrance with a stunning maxi dress. Whether you choose the vibrant allure of a Venroy yellow dress or opt for the elegance of a maxi, you're guaranteed to capture attention and define sophistication.


Why Choose Venroy Dresses?

Sustainable Luxury

Venroy stands at the forefront of eco-conscious fashion. By choosing Venroy, you're not only elevating your style but also supporting sustainable practices in the fashion industry.

Versatile Styles

From sleek, minimalistic Venroy skirt designs to flowy, bohemian silhouettes, the Venroy collection boasts a diverse range of styles to suit any event. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to ensure you stand out in the most sophisticated manner.

Premium Quality

Venroy dresses are synonymous with quality. Made with luxurious materials and attention to detail, each dress promises a flawless fit and enduring elegance.


Why Choose Dress Hire Over Purchase?


Dress hire offers an economically viable option to experience luxury fashion. By renting a Venroy dress, you enjoy the glamour of designer wear without breaking the bank.


In an effort to combat the fast fashion crisis, renting dresses presents an eco-friendly alternative. It reduces waste and extends the lifecycle of high-quality garments.

Ever-changing Wardrobe

Renting allows you to constantly refresh your wardrobe with the latest trends without the clutter or guilt of one-time wears, whether you want a stunning party dress or a Venroy printed set.


Hiring Dresses with The Volte

The Volte has streamlined the process of renting designer dresses, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With an extensive collection of Venroy dresses, The Volte caters to various sizes, styles, and occasions. Whether you’re looking for collections from Venroy Melbourne or Venroy Bondi, you’ll find a dress that perfectly matches the occasion.

Renting your dream Venroy dress with The Volte is effortless:

  • Select your dress. Browse our curated Venroy collection and choose the dress that captures your style. Create your account here.
  • Pick your dates. Select your rental period based on your event date, with flexible options to ensure your dress arrives when you need it.
  • Enjoy your event. Wear your stunning Venroy dress and make unforgettable memories.
  • Return with ease. After your event, return the dress using the pre-arranged shipping method provided by The Volte.
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