With Harper Lu

Step into the world of sustainable elegance with With Harper Lu's timeless designs, now available for rent through The Volte.


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With Harper Lu Mini Slip Dress Blush Graphite Size S / AU 8

With Harper Lu

Size 8

$69 Rental
$210 RRP

With Harper Lu is a fashion brand that was established in late 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. Co Founder Lucia Hanna quotes Harper Lu, was inspired by her passion for fashion and her desire to create stylish, high-quality clothing that was both affordable and sustainable. With Harper Lu's designs are a perfect fit for customers who value ethical fashion and want to make a positive impact on the environment.

The brand's focus on sustainability is evident in its pledge to make all designer in Melbourne, Australia. With Harper Lu is committed to reducing its environmental impact and is constantly seeking new ways to improve its sustainability practices. The brand's customers can feel good about their purchases knowing that they are supporting a brand that values ethical and sustainable practices.

With Harper Lu's designs are characterised by their simplicity and elegance. The brand's pieces are timeless and versatile, perfect for a variety of occasions. With Harper Lu's designs include classic pieces such as tailored blazers, chic jumpsuits, and elegant dresses, all of which are made with the brand's signature sustainable materials.

 The brand's designs are also versatile and can be adapted to suit a variety of body types and personal styles. With Harper Lu is committed to creating clothing that makes its customers feel confident and beautiful, regardless of their size or shape.

In conclusion, With Harper Lu is a fashion brand that is committed to sustainability, inclusivity, and timeless elegance. The brand's focus on eco-friendly materials and ethical practices makes it a perfect fit for customers who value sustainable fashion. With its versatile designs and commitment to inclusivity, With Harper Lu is a brand that appeals to a wide range of customers. By offering With Harper Lu's designs for rental, dress hire companies can provide their customers with high-quality, sustainable fashion that is both stylish and affordable.

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