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Rental is the new black. Access is the new ownership. Keep your style on point by renting from individuals, designers and boutiques across Australia.


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Camilla And Marc Esra Dress In Esra Print Size 8

Camilla and Marc

Size 8

$196 Rental
$550 RRP

Dress Hire has become a hugely popular phenomenon that has taken Australia by storm.

No longer are the days of outfit repeating or splashing every pay check on a new outfit.

With dress hire, wear your dream outfit for a slash of the retail price whilst still looking as fabulous as ever.

What Is Dress Hire?

Dress hire is exactly what it sounds like! If you have an event you need to dress up for but don’t want to spend a huge load of money on a new outfit,

dress hiring is the perfect solution. The idea behind this phenomenon is that you can hire almost every kind of designer dress or item of clothing you can think off,

online and wear it to your event. From designer dresses to skirts, jumpsuits and accessories, there is something to suit everybody.

Benefits of Dress Hire?

Apart from the most obvious benefit of being able to wear your favourite designer pieces for a cheaper price,

there are also many other incredible benefits including being environmentally sustainable.

Many people often buy a piece of clothing and only wear it a couple of times before it become unworn or thrown away.

Renting owned fashion is eco-friendly and this recycling and re-using system helps keep the environment sustainable from fast fashion.

On the flip side, another huge benefit of dress hire is being able to hire out your own clothes! If you have designer fashion items in your closet that you don’t wear often,

and are looking for a side hustle, why not start hiring out your clothing items? This is one of the easiest and greatest ways to make an extra side income.

Other benefits of dress hiring is being able to wear a different outfit to every event you attend without having to break the bank and having unlimited choices of dresses and clothes,

including past season’s goodies.

How Does It Work?

As a borrower, the steps are incredibly simple.

As a lender, the steps are just as easy.

What Can You Borrow?

With hundreds of gorgeous fashion pieces, you can hire almost anything you want.

From mini dresses, slip dresses, jumpsuits, lace dresses, midi dresses, cocktail dresses,

party and formal dresses, to accessories, shoes, bags and menswear, there are various choices to suit everyone’s needs.

There are unlimited choices in styles and sizes, from new arrivals and styles, to fashion pieces from last season and even

older designs from your favourite fashion designers.

Including designers such as Rachel Gilbert, Alex Perry, Alice McCall, Elle Zeitoune, Nookie, Rebecca Vallance, Talulah, Pasduchas and Thurley,

there are endless choices of designers to choose from. You are most likely guaranteed to find something to love.

Renting designer items for men and women all over Australia has never been easier. Whether you have a semi-formal event, or a black-tie event,

there is something to suit your needs. Jump onto The Volte and choose from hundreds of beautiful designer pieces.

With various styles and sizes available, everyone can find their perfect dress.


Our lenders are both individuals and dress rental stores meaning that you can hire a designer dress,

shirt, bag or a pair of shoes and have it delivered to your door the next day.

Deliverable from everywhere in Australia, including Australia’s capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth,

finding your dram outfit has never been closer to home.

The best part about hiring a dress is that you can choose your own delivery and rental period.

Have an event in the next two weeks and want to hire the dress for 4 days? No problem.

Your outfit can be shipped out to you on your chosen delivery date.

Better yet, if you are able to hire out an item in a location near you, you may even be eligible for next day delivery!

Wear it, Instagram it, Return it.

It’s that simple. Borrow a gorgeous designer item for your next event and become part of The Volte Cult today.

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