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Looking for the perfect dress to hire in North Sydney? We have you covered with a huge range and a breezy process. Browse dresses now!


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L’idee Hardin Gown Floral Size AU 8


Size 8

$127 Rental
$459 RRP

For luxurious hire dresses in North Sydney, you'll find all your wishes come true at The Volte. Not only do we offer an expansive and constantly renewed selection of designer dresses, but we also ensure the entire process, from the booking to the return, is stress-free and affordable.

North Sydney Dress Hire for an Occasion

Got a special event coming up and the age-old 'what to wear' dilemma starting to kick in? We've got you! Our extensive hire dress collection at The Volte caters to all occasions, from laid-back daytime gatherings to fancy evening events and everything in between.

For special formal events, our ever-refreshed range brings the latest fashion to your doorstep, making The Volte an excellent and oh-so-easy choice for formal dress hire in North Sydney. If you're a bride-to-be scouting for wedding dress hire in North Sydney, our exclusive collection ensures your fairy-tale gown without the exorbitant price tag.

We believe that our collection holds everyone's dream dress and our friendly team is here to help you find it.

North Sydney Dress Hire by Designer

Need a hire a dress in North Sydney that promises to be a show-stopper at your upcoming event? You're in the right place.

Whether you're an Alemais fan, or you're more team Alex Perry, Sir the Label, Zimmermann, or Rachel Gilbert, our options for designer dress hire in North Sydney are sure to fulfil all your fashion fantasies.

With our extensive community of fashion-forward people across Australia, getting your hands on that coveted designer dress has never been easier. With The Volte, you get to experience the excitement of high-end fashion delivered to your door, without the buyer's remorse.

The other bit of good news is that, in alliance with prestigious fashion labels, we've simplified the process of listing and sharing your designer pieces with our Circular Program. Today's purchase becomes tomorrow's rental on The Volte. Smart fashion at its best!

Discover more on the Circular Program here.

North Sydney Dress Hire FAQs

How does The Volte's dress hire process work?

If you’re looking for a dress to hire in North Sydney, you’ll be happy to know that hiring one through the Volte is straightforward! Say you've set your heart on a Sir the Label piece for an upcoming celebration. You can start by exploring the range in our collection. Uncertain about the size? Our dedicated team is here to guide you.

Once you've chosen a dress, you can quickly secure your reservation. Remember, sought-after pieces get booked quickly, so it's always a good idea to book sooner rather than later. One of the many perks of hiring a dress through The Volte is that your rental charge includes both the return and cleaning expenses!

Should the dress arrive a little wrinkled, hang it up in a steamy room for a little bit and it should be ready for wearing.

What's the price range for hiring a formal dress in North Sydney?

Formal dress rental in North Sydney sees a range of pricing based on several factors. With that being said, compared to outright purchasing a formal dress, hiring often stands as the cost-efficient choice. Buying a designer formal dress could range from $500 up to over $2,000.

In comparison, formal dress hires at The Volte start at a mere $30, extending to several hundred for premium ranges for more luxurious styles. In terms of our wedding dress hire in North Sydney, brands like Galia Lahav can have hire prices up to $3,000. The stated prices for dress hire on our platform are all-inclusive of return postage and specialised cleaning.

What are some steps for choosing the perfect dress?

Begin by knowing your body and identifying styles that enhance your best attributes. For example, A-line designs usually enhance pear-shaped figures, while V-necks can be perfect for those with a broader shoulder line.

The right colour choice is essential! Choose shades that highlight your skin's natural tone and radiance. Remember to always keep your exact measurements on hand for that perfect fit. And finally, think about past dress successes. If certain brands or designs have ticked all the boxes before, they might be your go-to again. After all, the ultimate accessory to any outfit is confidence!

What's an acceptable length for an evening dress?

There's no hard rule here. Typically, evening dresses can be anywhere from floor-length to mid-shin, depending on style trends and personal preferences.

Is hiring a dress more sensible than buying one outright?

To rent a dress in North Sydney via The Volte is both an economical and sustainable choice. When purchasing a designer dress, you're not only splurging but also committing to store it and potentially re-wear it multiple times.

Comparatively, hiring offers you the luxury of wearing updated and high-end designs without enduring ownership hassles or costs. Plus, you get to actively contribute to a sustainable fashion loop, cutting down on unnecessary consumption and wardrobe clutter. 

Other Dress Hire Locations

We're driven by the belief that luxury fashion should be within everyone's reach, as every individual deserves to ooze confidence and feel awesome. While we're celebrated as the go-to for dress hire in North Sydney, our reach is national.

In addition to offering upscale dress hire in North Sydney, our services extend to fashion enthusiasts throughout Australia, including regions such as:

Adelaide – Brisbane – Darwin – Perth – Melbourne – Sydney – Hobart – Newcastle – Geelong – Shellharbour – Padstow – Canberra

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