Elliot Garnaut’s Australian Fashion Week Edit

Celebrity stylist Elliot Garnaut, who works with Australia’s style icons Rebecca Harding, Nadia Fairfax and Rozalia Russian, selects his top picks for Australian Fashion Week. Elliot and The Volte will be dressing AFW VIPs and influencers, so follow us on social media to see their looks. Book the best runway style now!


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Australian Fashion Week is always a thrill, and 2024 is no exception. This year, stylist for the stars Elliot Garnaut gives us the inside scoop on his favorite trends, with a special nod to the eco-friendly practice of dress hiring. Let’s break down what’s new and why Garnaut is all in on renting your next showstopper.


Elliot Garnaut’s Picks for Australian Fashion Week 2024

Elliot Garnaut is not just about turning heads; he’s keen on turning the tide towards more sustainable fashion habits too. For Australian Fashion Week 2024, dress hiring is right at the heart of this movement, offering a smart way to enjoy Australian fashion brands without the hefty price tag or environmental cost.

Bold and Artsy Prints

Out with the old Australian Fashion Week 2023, in with the new! For this year, Garnaut pointed out several knockout pieces adorned with bold prints and vibrant patterns. Rent this Scanlan Theodore pencil dress in fuschia pink for a fraction of the price!

Sleek Minimalism

Think simple can’t be chic? Think again. Garnaut showed off some stunning minimalist designs that prove elegance often lies in simplicity. This Rat and Boa dress is perfect for anyone looking to rent a dress and turn heads for this year’s fashion week.

Pop of Color

This year, bright colors were everywhere, from deep blues to zesty oranges. Garnaut’s favorites show that renting a brightly colored dress is a surefire way to stand out at any event without committing to a permanent wardrobe addition. Check out this Rat and Boa Farrah dress!


Elliot’s Picks on Dress Hiring—Designer Breakdown

Elliot’s eye for style brought us some fabulous fashion show trends from renowned designers. Here’s the scoop on who's who and what’s hot for this year’s fashion week in Australia:

Bec and Bridge

Known for their sleek silhouettes, Bec and Bridge delivered some stunningly simple yet chic dresses that are perfect for hiring. Garnaut highlighted these as go-to pieces for anyone looking to make an elegant statement at their next big event.

Christopher Esber

Esber’s creations are all about bold, structural elements. Elliot was particularly taken with Christopher Esber's innovative cut-outs and fluid designs, making them a hot favorite for those looking to hire something unique and edgy.

Leo Lin

With their ethereal prints and flowy fabrics, Leo Lin brought a touch of whimsy to the runway. Their dresses are ideal for renters looking for that perfect blend of fantasy and fashion.

Rachel Gilbert

Glamour is Rachel Gilbert's game. Elliot praised her detailed mini dresses that simply scream luxury—perfect for anyone looking to dazzle at a gala or high-profile wedding.

Rat & Boa

For something a bit more daring, Rat & Boa’s pieces stand out with their sultry silhouettes and bold patterns. These dresses are a top pick for renters aiming to turn heads.


ALEMAIS impressed with their focus on artisanal prints and sustainable fabrics. Their unique, story-telling pieces are fantastic for those who value both style and substance.

SIR The Label

SIR The Label's minimalist, refined dresses were another highlight. These garments are great for sophisticated dress hirers who prefer a clean and modern look.


Why Dress Hiring is the Way to Go

Here’s why Elliot and fashion insiders are big on renting:

  • It’s Sustainable. Less production means a happier planet.
  • It Saves Money. Who doesn’t want to rock Australian fashion designers without the designer price tags?
  • It’s All About Choices. Change up your style for different events without cluttering your closet.


How to Hire a Dress on The Volte

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