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Bec & Bridge Whorl Asymmetrical Maxi Dress in Meridian Blue Size AU 8

Bec & Bridge

Size 8

$114 Rental
$320 RRP

Bec and Bridge is a brand that has had women of all shapes and sizes swooning for years. Whether you're looking for an elegant evening gown, a skirt, a wedding dress, or just something to wear on your next girls' night out, Bec and Bridge dresses are perfect. 

There's no shortage of Bec and Bridge dress styles – from classic silhouettes with cutouts and embellishments to long flowing dresses in the latest fashion colours. No matter what Bec and Bridge style you’re into, these dresses can be easily found online at The Volte – we specialise in making it easy for you to rent out the perfect Bec and Bridge dress for any occasion without breaking the bank. Hiring these dresses from a willing lender is so much more cost-effective, especially if you’re only going to wear that dress for one night. 

Why wear Bec and Bridge?

Here are some reasons why Bec and Bridge is the go-to place for dresses.

  • The range of dresses can suit any occasion. 
  • There’s a wide range of styles to choose from.
  • The brand is for women of all shapes and sizes. 
  • Several dresses are offered at affordable prices. 

How to choose dresses from Bec and Bridge?

Bec and Bridge has various styles of dresses to choose from, so before you start shopping, it's essential to consider which style Bec and Bridge dresses would best suit your body type. We recommend using the steps below to pick dresses that will suit your tastes:

  • Choose a Bec and Bridge dress that matches your neckline.
  • Decide the length of clothing you are looking for: floor-length, tea, or midi lengths.
  • Consider the material the dress is made from: lace, chiffon, cotton, etc.
  • Check Bec and Bridge dress colours: white, black, navy, etc.
  • Consider which  Bec and Bridge dress style you are looking for: A maxi or a waist dress.

Choosing the ideal Bec and Bridge dresses that suit your body type is key to ensuring a well-fitting dress. To help you out, here's a body type guide to make it easy for you to choose the right dress:

  • If your chest is large, then an empire waist dress will be best suited. This style of dress can give a flattering shape, thanks to the fitted bodice.
  • If you have a small chest, then standard size dresses will work great for you. Bec and Bridge has bust-friendly designs that can complement any figure, with plenty of support.
  • For short women, maxi dress styles will suit your body type best, as they give an elongated silhouette. If you are tall, maxi dresses can also suit your body type as long lengths can create a flattering silhouette.
  • If you have a large waist, empire dresses from Bec and Bridge can create the illusion of an hourglass figure with their cinched waists.
  • For women with larger hips, empire waist dresses can give an elongated frame to create a slimmer look.
  • If you are looking for something with more volume, Bec and Bridge dress styles will provide the most flattering silhouette.

How to take care of your Bec and Bridge dress?

Bec and Bridge is a popular brand, thanks to their classic styles and affordable prices. The dresses are designed with high-quality material fabrics, including cotton, silk, chiffon, and lace, so when your dress arrives at your door, please take care of them to ensure they remain in pristine condition for when you return them to your lender. To do this, please observe the following:

  • It's recommended that you store the dresses in a place where they're not exposed to sunlight.
  • Hang it up or store it on a hanger when not wearing so that wrinkles don't set in.
  • If the dress arrives at your door with some creasing, place it in a steamy bathroom to naturally remove the creases. 
  • Do not iron or steam the dress unless you have received express permission from the lender to do so.  
  • The cost of dry-cleaning is included in the fee you pay, so there’s no need to do that yourself unless a different arrangement is made between yourself and the lender.

Bec and Bridge offers dresses for every occasion, from proms and weddings to black tie events – the brand has something for everyone. Bec and Bridge are at the forefront of Australia's fashion industry, so if you're looking for a classic dress, their styles are the way to go. The Volte can help you attain any desired style and look. Book your Bec and Bridge outfit now.

There’s no need to spend thousands on a single day. At The Volte, we believe in accessibility and luxury so you can strut your style with confidence. The Volte enables a seamless interaction of willing lenders and renters, making it convenient for you to get your dream brand. Get access to leading brands in Australia, including Bec and Bridge, Kookai, Shona Joy, Dion Lee, Sheike, Alice Mccall, Camilla and Marc, Manning Cartell, and many more.

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