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Luxury designer dress hire at The Volte offers a smart, stylish, and sustainable way to enjoy high-end fashion. Whether it's making an impression at a gala or owning the night at a party, The Volte helps you step out in style without the commitment of owning a wardrobe of occasion wear.


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Experience the joy of wearing designer dresses by renting from The Volte today – where fashion dreams come true for every occasion. From high-profile events to intimate gatherings, the right dress can turn heads and make a statement. 


Why Choose Luxury Designer Dress Hire?

Cost-Effective Fashion

Dress hire lets you enjoy the luxury of designer wear at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. Perfect for those who value smart spending without compromising on style.

Endless Variety

With rental, you’re not confined to one style. Whether it's a chic cocktail luxury designer dress or an elegant evening gown, The Volte offers a diverse wardrobe to choose from for every event on your social calendar.


By renting a dress instead of buying luxury designer gowns, you contribute to reducing fashion waste, making an eco-friendly fashion choice that benefits the planet.


The Volte: A Closer Look

At The Volte, we make luxury designer dresses accessible. Here’s what makes our service stand out:

Wide Selection of Brands

From Rachel Gilbert and Leo Lin to Zimmerman and Aje dresses, our collection features some of the most sought-after names in fashion. Every item is authenticated and maintained to ensure you receive only the best quality.

Nationwide Availability

No matter where you are in Australia, in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or other locations, The Volte delivers your chosen luxury designer fashion dress right to your doorstep with an easy return process.

Size Inclusive Options

We believe everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous with the best luxury dresses. The Volte offers a range of sizes to ensure that every customer finds their perfect fit.


Occasions Perfect for Dress Hire


Opt for high end designer wedding dresses from luxury brands, which offer stylish yet understated dresses perfect for wedding guests. Hiring a dress from these luxury wedding dress designers means you can wear a stunning outfit without committing to a purchase, making you a memorable guest for all the right reasons.

Galas and Black-Tie Events

For more formal occasions, such as galas and black-tie events, consider luxury dress brands like Louis Vuitton. Their luxury designer evening gowns are synonymous with elegance and poise, providing a touch of luxury that aligns well with the grandeur of such events. 

Birthday Parties and Nights Out

When it's time to celebrate at a birthday party or enjoy a night out, turning to Country Road for a trendy mini or a sophisticated cocktail dress can be a great choice. These brands are known for bold yet wearable styles that stand out in a social setting, perfect for making an impression.

Corporate Events

For corporate events where a polished and professional look is paramount, Country Road offers a range of options that fit the bill. Their dresses are designed to impress in a business environment, offering sleek and subtle styles that maintain professionalism while adding a touch of personal style.


How to Hire a Dress on The Volte

Renting a designer dress from The Volte is simple:

  • Browse Our Collection: Visit our online platform and select from thousands of dresses. Use filters to narrow down by occasion, designer, size, or style. Start by creating an account here.
  • Book Your Dress: Once you’ve chosen your dress, select the rental period that works for you. We recommend booking in advance for major events.
  • Receive and Revel: Your dress arrives ready to wear. Enjoy your event knowing you look stunning in designer wear.
  • Return with Ease: After your event, return the dress using the pre-paid return bag provided.
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