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An Acler dress hire can get you the Acler outfit of your dreams without emptying your pockets! The Volte has an extensive collection of luxury dresses for hire.


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Acler Atholton Midi Dress Arctic Mint Size 12


Size 12

$196 Rental
$595 RRP

No need to spend thousands of dollars on a luxury Acler dress for a single night’s use when you can get it for much cheaper with an Acler dress hire. The luxury brand Acler has only been around for a few years, but it is already among the most-sought-after fashion pieces among the elite including Hollywood stars. Each dress in any Acler dress collection is designed, draped, and crafted by hand over a process of twelve months. The design, material, fabric, colour, pattern, measurement, and overall style of each dress, like the Acler hooper dress, is carefully handpicked by the brand’s couture team. With that, it is not hard to see why it is such a hot commodity among fashion enthusiasts even with its outrageous price point. 

You too can sport an opulent Acler dress with an Acler dress hire from The Volte. We offer designer dress hire – such as Camille hire, Jacquemus dress hire, Sir the Label Hire,  Ginger and Smart hire, sequin dress hire, and wedding dress hire Melbourne – to give everyone a chance to look stunning in a luxury-style dress without breaking the bank. You can avail of ‘ball dress hire Perth’, ‘dress hire Gold Coast’, ‘formal dress hire Brisbane’, and ‘dress hire Eltham’ services with us as well. At the same time, owners of luxury fashion pieces can generate income through a rent-a-dress business. When you hire dress or hire clothing from an Acler hire service, you can wear an exclusive dress to a special event for a price much cheaper than the retail value. 

How does dress hire work?

If you’ve been searching for the ‘best dress hire’ on the internet, then you must be really interested in an Acler dress hire, Alice McCall rent, or any dress hire service for that matter. Renting a dress to wear to an occasion is a more cost-effective option instead of buying a brand-new one. Before hiring clothes, however, you should understand how the process works to get the best experience. 

Dress hire is a dress rental service where borrowers can rent garments that suit their size, label preference, and fashion style for a few days so they don’t have to spend thousands on an item they will only use for one occasion. Meanwhile, lenders – those who own luxury fashion pieces – can make money from the fashion investments they’ve made by renting them out to the borrowers. 

The Volte acts as the middleman that connects lenders and borrowers for a faster, safer, and more convenient transaction. Lenders simply need to create an account at The Volte and post their rental dresses and accessories for the borrowers to find. Borrowers can browse through every brand, dress length, print, fabric, and features such as a sleeve or skirt. They can simply add what they love to a virtual cart, place an order, and have the item delivered to them within Australia. 

How long can I hire the dress for?

Because an Acler dress hire means you are renting clothing and not buying it to keep in your closet forever, you will have to return the dress after using it within the agreed-upon timeframe. If you hire a dress from The Volte, for example, there are two options for hiring that you can choose from – standard hire or extended hire. The standard hire option lets you rent the dress for four days while the extended hire for eight days. Not all lenders offer the extended hire option, so make sure to check the specific brand where you want to hire a dress for the available hiring options. All lenders, however, will offer standard dress hiring. 

Your dress of choice will come with a pre-addressed postbag, so all you have to do to return the dress is repack it in that postbag and post the parcels through yellow post boxes. Make sure to post your rental items only through the yellow boxes or the return will not be carried out and you might be charged for the delay of return. 

How to hire dresses from Acler?

Without a middleman, an Acler dress hire will be a long and painstaking process as you will have to source reliable lenders yourself, choose from their available items individually, and pay through unsecured channels. The Volte streamlines your dress hiring process through our online platform to make the process more convenient for you. 

You simply need to select the brand you want to hire from, pick your preferred hiring option, add the dress you love to your virtual shopping cart, and check out your order after specifying your address and settling the payment. The Volte has hundreds of dresses in the Acler dress hire collection that you can choose from. You can shop by style, size, or budget to make the experience easier and more enjoyable too. 

If you are a lender and want to make some money from the luxury pieces that have been sitting in your closet forever, just sign up on our website, and you can start posting your items for rent right away. We also offer an optional photo-editing service for a minimal fee where our partner photo editors will enhance your photos to be used on the site to make them look more attractive to your potential borrowers. 

Avail of an Acler dress hire service from the Volte now to save money while snatching a million-dollar look. Not only will you look good with an Acler dress and feel good after saving hundreds of dollars, but you can also contribute to a greener earth by choosing to reuse dresses instead of buying new ones. 

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