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Explore Acler dress hire on The Volte. Perfect for any occasion, our curated selection ensures you shine in designer fashion without the hefty price tag. Rent an Acler dress now and elevate your style effortlessly.


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Rachel Gilbert Romy Dress Black Size 6


Size 12

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Finding the perfect dress for any special occasion can be both exciting and challenging. For those who desire designer elegance without the hefty price tag, Acler dress hire from The Volte offers a stylish and affordable solution. Acler is known for its sophisticated designs, intricate detailing, and timeless elegance.


Why Choose Acler Dresses?

Acler is an Australian fashion label renowned for its meticulous design process and unique, sculptural pieces. The brand’s designers take a hands-on approach, draping and sculpting each garment by hand, which results in beautifully structured and detailed dresses. Acler hire on The Volte are perfect for various occasions, from weddings and formal events to cocktail parties and casual gatherings.


Benefits of Dress Hire on The Volte


Renting a dress from The Volte is a cost-effective way to wear high-end fashion. This allows you to enjoy the luxury of designer clothing without the significant investment from an Acler sale.


When you hire dresses, you can help promote a more sustainable fashion industry by reducing waste and encouraging the reuse of garments. Dress hire in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia, allows you to contribute to a circular economy and help minimize the environmental impact of fashion.


The Volte offers a wide selection of designer dresses, ensuring that you can find the perfect style for any occasion. From elegant evening gowns to chic cocktail dresses, there is something for everyone.


The Volte makes the process of renting a dress easy and hassle-free. Simply browse the collection, select your dress, choose your rental period, and have it delivered to your doorstep.


Popular Acler Dress Styles Available for Hire

While Acler offers a range of stunning designs, here are some popular styles available on The Volte's dress hire:

Structured Midi Dresses

Acler’s midi dresses are perfect for formal events or weddings, featuring clean lines, sophisticated silhouettes, and intricate detailing.

Flowing Maxi Dresses

Ideal for evening events, Acler’s maxi dresses combine elegance with comfort, offering a graceful and timeless look.

Chic Cocktail Dresses

Perfect for parties and casual gatherings, these dresses showcase Acler’s signature structured design with a modern twist.


How to Hire an Acler Dress on The Volte

Hiring a dress from The Volte is a straightforward process:

  • Browse the Collection. To hire an Acler dress, visit The Volte website and explore an extensive range of dresses. Use filters to narrow down your search by size, color, and style. Create your account on The Volte website here.
  • Select Your Dates. Choose the dates you need the dress for. The Volte offers flexible rental periods to accommodate your schedule.
  • Place Your Order. Once you’ve found the perfect dress, place your order and wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Wear and Enjoy. Enjoy wearing your stunning Acler dress. After your event, simply return the dress using the prepaid return bag. 
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