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Rent luxurious kaftans, beach dresses, and matching sets at an affordable price from a Camilla hire. The Volte makes hiring luxury wear convenient and secure.


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Camilla Dutch is life Tiered Dress With Neck Frill Multi Floral Size XL/ AU 16


Size 16

$230 Rental
$899 RRP

Luxury fashion doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, and a Camilla hire will make you look stunningly beautiful in Camilla designer dresses. Australia is home to some of the most talented designers in luxury couture, and Camilla is a Sydney-based artist who is rising to fame for her unique Bohemian-inspired pieces. If you are planning to attend a beach wedding or a brunch date with your girls, Camilla-style dresses are the perfect option. Camilla formal dresses are best for exclusive events while a Camilla jumpsuit or Camilla set will give you a casual yet elegant look no matter the occasion. Any accessories will complement the vibrant colours and bold prints that Camilla fashion pieces are all about. 

You will find trendy and exclusive Camilla for hire at The Volte. At The Volte, you can conveniently rent a dress from Camilla online, such as a Camilla skirt hire, and make a decision based on the brand label, colour, print, material, length, measurement, and quality you want. Aside from a Camilla hire, you can also avail of other luxury dress hire services here such as an Acler dress hire, Jacquemus dress hire, Sir the Label Hire, Ginger and Smart hire, sequin dress hire, and pink dress hire. 

What are the benefits of dress hire?

If you plan to rent a dress from a Camilla hire collection, then you are in for a gamut of great benefits including the following advantages of dress hire:


Thousands of garments are being produced daily in the fast-fashion industry to meet the demands of customers across the globe. Hiring a dress means reusing dresses so you are helping reduce the demand for brand-new clothing and contribute to a green earth. One of The Volte’s primary commitments is to be environmentally responsible by encouraging women to reuse dresses instead of buying new ones. 


It doesn’t make sense to spend a huge amount of money on a single luxury dress that you will only wear for a few hours. With a designer dress hire like Camilla hire, you can save money without having to settle for a dress you are not totally in love with. The Volte has an extensive collection of dresses from different luxury brands that come in various styles, sizes, colours, and fabrics to suit your preferences and needs. 

Access to rare pieces 

Most luxury fashion pieces take months to create, and because they are highly sought after, you may not have a lot of options to choose from when you buy from their store. With a dress hire, even the most exclusive items can be made available to you. The Volte constantly partners up with high-quality lenders who have a personal collection of the most exquisite pieces you won’t find elsewhere. 

What factors should I consider when opting for dress hire?

Choosing a Camilla hire or any dress hire is always a good idea. However, there are some factors that you need to consider to ensure that you have the best experience in hiring a designer dress: 

Returning the item 

Because you are renting a dress, not buying it, keep in mind that you will have to return it within the agreed-upon timeframe between you and the lender. Dresses hired via The Volte come with pre-addressed postbags that you can repack the dresses in after use for convenience in returning them.

Longevity of the rental period

Consider that you may be charged delay fees if you keep the rental dress with you for too long. You can hire a designer dress for four or eight days at The Volte by choosing between the standard and extended dress hire options. 

Payment for the dress hire 

Before you can get the designer dress, know that you will have to settle the payment beforehand to secure the transaction. At The Volte, you can rest assured that your dress will be delivered to your doorstep safely, and you can complete your payments safely through secure payment channels. 

How to hire dresses from Camilla?

A Camilla hire is as simple as shopping for dresses online, which, for sure, you are already familiar with by now. Just go to The Volte and choose ‘Camilla’ as the designer brand that you want to hire from. Of course, you are free to browse other labels as we have an extensive dress hire collection from A to Z brands. Once you found the perfect dress, choose your preferred dress hire option – standard or extended – and click ‘add-to-cart’ to save the item in your virtual shopping cart. From there, you simply need to enter your delivery address, complete the payment process, and wait for your order to arrive. Don’t forget to repack the dress in the pre-addressed postbag and post through yellow post boxes to return the item after use. 

If you own luxury items yourself, sign up as a lender at The Volte to start earning from your very own collection. You don’t have to let your expensive dresses sit in your closet forever; you can generate income from them by simply posting them on The Volte for borrowers to find and hire it. We also offer an optional photo-editing service to enhance your dress photos and increase the chances of your items getting hired. 

Avail of a Camilla hire or any dress hire service only at The Volte for a safe and secure transaction guaranteed to bring you premium designer dresses you will love and look absolutely stunning in.

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