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Talulah dress hire at The Volte is more than just a service; it's a gateway to experiencing designer fashion sustainably and affordably. With a dress for every occasion, embrace the convenience and variety offered by The Volte. Find the perfect Talulah dress for your event now!


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Whether you're attending a sun-kissed garden wedding, a chic cocktail party, or a formal corporate event, Talulah's collection offers the perfect blend of elegance and bold, contemporary designs. Seeking sophistication that seamlessly blends with modern flair? Talulah presents an exquisite selection.


Talulah Dress for Every Occasion

Talulah is synonymous with vibrant prints, delicate fabrics, and silhouettes that flatter every body type. Whether you're attending a romantic daytime soiree in the lush gardens of Melbourne, a sleek evening gala against the backdrop of Sydney's iconic skyline, or a casual outing in the vibrant streets of Perth, Talulah dresses offer a spirit of adventure and sophistication.

Daytime Events

Embrace the sun-drenched moments of brunches, garden parties, and outdoor gatherings in a Talulah Ardency maxi dress designed for daytime splendor. Choose from breezy A-line silhouettes, charming wrap dresses, or pieces adorned with playful ruffles to embody relaxed yet refined elegance.

Evening Galas

When the stars come out, let your style shine in a gown or a Parker Talulah dress crafted for impact. Opt for designs featuring bold V-necklines, alluring high slits, or meticulous embellishments. With Talulah's luxurious fabrics and captivating silhouettes, you're guaranteed to be the luminous center of attention at any gala.

Casual Outings

For those laid-back days, whether you're exploring with friends or enjoying a casual date, a Talulah mini dress is your go-to. Select from vibrant prints or eye-catching colors to find the perfect blend of comfort and flair. Styled effortlessly with sandals or sneakers, these dresses promise a look that's both easygoing and fashion-forward.


Why Choose The Volte for Talulah Dress Hire?


By choosing to rent a Talulah dress, you're not only making a fashion statement but also an environmental one. Our lenders at The Volte, as Talulah stockist and enthusiasts, offer an array of enchanting dresses for rent. This promotes a circular fashion economy, reducing waste and extending the lifecycle of luxury garments.


Access the dreamy designs of Talulah without the commitment of a hefty price tag. The Volte offers affordable rental prices, so you can indulge in designer fashion without the financial burden.

Variety for Every Occasion

With an extensive selection of Talulah dresses, The Volte ensures you'll find the perfect outfit for any event on your social calendar. Never repeat an outfit and always stay on trend with the latest styles.


The Volte makes renting effortless. From browsing to booking, and even returning, every step is streamlined for your convenience. Enjoy the luxury of having your selected dress delivered straight to your door, ready for your next event.


How to Rent Your Dream Talulah Dress

  • Browse the collection. Visit The Volte online, sign up, and explore the vast selection of Talulah dresses available for hire.
  • Select your dress. Filter by your event date, size, and preferred style to find your dream dress.
  • Book it. Once you've chosen, book your dress for a 4-day or 8-day rental period. The Volte offers flexible options to fit your schedule.
  • Wear and share. Make memories in your Talulah dress and don’t forget to share your stunning look on social media.
  • Return with ease. After your event, return the dress using the prepaid return packaging provided by The Volte.
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