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Wayne Cooper Flare Pants and Strapless Bodie Set in Green Bee Size 10

Wayne Cooper

Size 10

A$99 Rental $250 RRP

We know you know this Australian fashion icon like the back of your hand. But we’re going to tell you about them anyway- because we love them THAT much. This Australian glam icon has mastered every style under the sun, from cheeky sequin numbers, to flowing floor-length prints and all the form-fitting midis in-between. Lashings of lace dazzle in bold colours, creatively cut necklines turn heads and cinched waists will make you feel like the hourglass curved goddess you are. Perfect for your upcoming cocktail evening, corporate event or day at the races, there is on Volte woman that Wayne Cooper cannot make DAZZLE. Can’t decide on just one? Rent them all now through the Volte. 

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