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Rent a luxury outfit from The Volte’s formal dress hire Melbourne collection for your upcoming event! We have affordable designer clothes for all occasions.


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Arcina Ori Paloma Dress Black/White Size AU 10

Arcina Ori

Size 10

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Whether your idea of the perfect outfit for a gala show or awards night is a classic vintage gown or an elegant sultry dress, you are sure to find your match from a formal dress hire in Melbourne or your specific location in Australia. Formal dresses and suits cost a lot especially if they are from designer brands. If you choose to buy rather than rent formal dresses and you have a tight budget, your options will be very limited, so you are likely to end up with an outfit you’re unhappy with. With a formal wear hire, on the other hand, luxury options can even be made available for you because dress hire boutiques or dress rental shops are more economical than retail outlets for fashion wear. 

The Volte is a top online luxury dress or gown hire platform in Australia. If you’ve been searching for ‘dress hire Melbourne’, ‘wedding dress hire Sydney’, ‘West Coast dress hire’, ‘ball dress hire Perth’, ‘dress hire Gold Coast’, ‘formal dress hire Brisbane’, or ‘formal dress hire Melbourne’, then we have the answer. Aside from formal wear, you can also avail of our Leo and Lin dress hire services along with hundreds of other luxury brands for rent. 

What factors should you consider when choosing formal wear?

Because you can rent clothes from a formal dress hire Melbourne service in every size, style, fabric material, colour, fashion trend, and length for any formal occasion, deciding which is best for you can be overwhelming. To help you decide better, here are the top factors to consider:

The type of formal event 

Some of the most popular formal events are weddings, proms, awards nights, balls, and galas. Think of which category your upcoming event falls under and choose a dress based on that. For prom nights, bubbly knee-length dresses may do, but for gala nights, full-length gowns may be required depending on the host. You can shop by the formal event category at The Volte for your convenience. 

The theme of the event 

Formal events typically have dress codes or guidelines based on the overall theme of the occasion. Classic themes, for example, often require plain dark-coloured dresses while edgier themes may ask you to come in colourful outfits with matching accessories. At The Volte’s formal dress hire Melbourne collection, you can shop for dresses and accessories to achieve a completely stunning look. 

Your preferences in clothing 

Just because you are attending a formal occasion with a theme doesn’t mean you have to forgo your personal fashion style. You can still choose the dress you are wearing based on your preferences such as its shape – like puffy or body-contouring designs – with or without sleeves, and many more. Your search results for rental dresses at The Volte can be filtered by pattern, style, or size to suit your needs. 

How to style a formal dress?

You can maximise the beauty of the dress you get from a formal dress hire Melbourne service by adding accessories that will accentuate your overall look. For long black gowns, for example, you can wear a sparkly necklace or dangling earrings to achieve an elegant look perfect for a classic-themed gala night. If you want to be a head-turner on the red carpet, wear extra high heels along with your sequined cocktail dress. Of course, you don’t have to accessorise your dress if you don’t want to feel like you’re being over the top. Focus on achieving a seamless makeup look or an opulent hairdo instead if that’s your case. 

The Volte partners with reliable high-quality lenders who have not only formal dresses in their collections but luxury accessories as well. You can rent bags, belts, shoes, and even jewellery along with your order so you can get a complete outfit altogether. If you have a limited budget, you can always shop by price to narrow down your options to the ones that fit your budget. 

How to hire a formal dress in Melbourne?

The first step to renting any designer garment through a formal dress hire Melbourne service is finding a quality lender to trust. From there, you can negotiate with the lender as to when you need the dress, for how long you are going to rent it, how you are going to pay for it, and when you are going to return it. At The Volte, you can rent a formal dress within minutes because trustworthy lenders have already listed their available items on our online platform. All you have to do is pick out your favourite among the options, send a request to the lender and wait for their confirmation. 

For your convenience, you can set the parameters of your searches according to your desired rental period – four days under the standard hire or eight days under the extended hire. Some sellers also put their items up for sale at awesome prices, so make sure to check out all the available options for you for the best experience at The Volte. Once the lender confirms your request to rent their item, you can arrange for shipping to your location in Australia or opt to pick up your order if the lender is nearby and agrees to such an arrangement. To return the item, simply repack it in the provided pre-addressed postbag and post it through yellow postboxes. Additional fees may be incurred in case of late returns and damaged rental items. 

For more information on The Volte’s formal dress hire in Melbourne and  Australia, visit our website today! You can count on us to dress you up in a luxury formal outfit without breaking the bank! 

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