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All users must comply with a standardised Late Fee Policy enforced by The Volte to protect both Borrowers and Lenders. The Volte relies on the timely sending and returning of items by both parties.

Should an item fail to be lodged with Australia Post within one business day (Monday through Saturday) following the rental end date, an additional fee of $25 per day (subject to service fees) will be incurred for each subsequent day until the item is returned/lodged. Borrowers agree to this policy every time they request a booking. Late fees will be capped at 14 days (excluding Sundays, and holidays) or up to the half of the RRP whichever is larger, unless otherwise determined by The Volte. Please be aware that lenders are required to request the processing of late fees via customer service at [email protected].  

The Volte also reserves the right to charge the credit card on file in your The Volte Account, or otherwise collect payment from you, and pursue any avenues available to The Volte in situations where you are determined, at The Volte’s sole discretion, to have returned items late. If we are unable to charge the credit card on file or otherwise collect payment from you, you agree to remit payment for the additional hire period to the applicable Lender or to The Volte (if applicable). Unpaid invoices will be passed on to a debt collection service, with collection costs recoverable.

To submit a late fee charge request, lenders must provide the return tracking information for the order. The Volte has up to 60 days to retrieve the owed amount. Please note that while The Volte will work diligently to ensure these reimbursements are received, we are not liable for their payment. In the case of a partial collection, the amount collected will be transferred to the Lender after 60 days, and the case will be closed.

Calculation of late fees starts from the end date of the hire until the exact date the item is lodged with Australia Post. A Borrower will not be liable for late fees if the delay in return is outside their control, such as unexpected delays by Australia Post.

Late Fees for Local Pick Up 

For Pick Up and Drop Off Orders must be returned on the day of the rental end date, otherwise, late fees would apply unless a prior agreement was made by both parties that the item would be returned via postage. All communication must be lodged under the message history in our platform to use for future reference.

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