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Attend your upcoming event in the Ginger and Smart outfit of your dreams. The Volte offers a range of luxury fashion pieces for rent anywhere within Australia.


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Ginger & Smart Odyssey Wrap Shirt Dress Size 16

Ginger & Smart

Size 16

$173 Rental
$595 RRP

Ginger and Smart is one of the top runners in Australia’s luxury fashion industry. Not only is the brand popular countrywide, but it is also highly sought after across the world. Like other luxury labels, however, brand-new Ginger and Smart dresses do not come with cheap price tags, so not many people can afford them. Instead of saving up to buy a single piece of Ginger clothing or waiting for a Ginger and Smart sale, take advantage of Ginger and Smart dresses for hire instead. 

The Volte offers a suite of smart clothing brands for rent, including Ginger and Smart. You can browse an extensive dress collection of this smart clothing women’s label so you can pick out the one that matches your preferences and needs for an upcoming occasion best. Aside from Ginger fashion, you can also choose from our Acler dress hire, Camilla hire, Zimmerman dress hire, Jacquemus dress hire, Sir the Label Hire, sequin dress hire, wedding dress hire Melbourne services and other luxury dress hire collections. 

Why are Ginger and Smart dresses so popular?

Founded in 2002, Ginger and Smart has thrived for over two decades in the luxury fashion industry. The designer label is based in Sydney and is well-known for its distinctive fashion style of captivating designs, geometric prints, and flattering dress shapes. More than that, the brand takes pride in using the finest sustainable materials – recyclable and biodegradable fabrics – as well as a first-rate manufacturing process that minimises the use of harmful chemicals, excessive water, and energy. This Australian luxury brand offers anything from full-length gowns to midi dresses and strapless clothing that all exude elegance. 

The Volte has a rich collection of Ginger and Smart dresses in every size, colour, style, and print you can imagine. You can get a personalised dress hiring experience on our platform by setting the search parameters based on your desired brand, materials, dress quality, price, and rental period. You can also rent accessories along with your dress to create the perfect outfit you dream of wearing to the event. 

What are the benefits of hiring dresses from Ginger and Smart?

Renting luxury dresses instead of buying brand new lets you save on money big time without compromising your satisfaction with the dress you want to wear. A Ginger and Smart dress hire is among the best options to consider when hiring designer clothes because the brand offers the following: 

Sustainable fashion 

Ginger clothing is made from premium sustainable materials by top-notch manufacturers who ensure that their processes don’t harm the planet. You can contribute to that cause by choosing to hire from the brand. The Volte also shares the same goal by encouraging women to reuse dresses through a dress hire. 

Unique prints 

Every Smart fashion piece is intricately made. Hence, they take a while to produce, and each design comes in limited quantities only. You don’t have to worry about another guest at the event wearing the same dress as you as Ginger prints are one of a kind. At The Volte, you can shop by design for convenience. 

Quality and comfort 

Because the brand handpicks the materials to be used for making their dresses, you can be assured that you will get the finest quality and unparalleled comfort while wearing their dresses. You can ask your The Volte lender questions about fabric, fit, and comfort before hiring a dress to help you make the best decision. 

How to hire dresses from Ginger and Smart?

Hiring dresses is no different than buying a brand-new one except that you will have to return them to the lender at the end of the deal. At The Volte, you can enjoy a seamless dress-hiring process from start to finish and ensure a secure transaction with your lenders as well. Simply pick out your favourite Ginger and Smart dress from our collection and send a request to the lender for the dress you want to hire. Let the lender know your desired rental period along with any other queries you may have for them. A shipping or pickup arrangement will be made upon confirmation of your dress hire request. We will ship your order to anywhere you are in Australia or you can opt to pick it up instead if the lender is near your location. 

When it’s time to return the dress, just repack it in the pre-addressed postbag it comes with and post it through yellow postboxes. In case you stain or damage the dress accidentally, let the lender know immediately to arrange a resolution – you might be charged extra for the necessary repairs for the dress. Also, be cautious about the due date for returning the dress if you want to avoid paying late return fees. 

If you have a personal collection of Ginger and Smart dresses or other luxury items yourself, you can list them on The Volte to generate income. Just create a Volte Lender Account and list your items on our platform for borrowers to browse and hire. You can avail of our professional photo editing services as well if you want to increase the chances of your dresses getting hired. 

Check out the premium Ginger and Smart dress hire collection of The Volte today to find the perfect dress you need for your upcoming special occasion. Browse other luxury clothing and accessories while you’re at it too to create the outfit you dream of wearing. 

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