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Wear a luxury dress on your big day at an affordable price with a wedding dress hire in Melbourne. The Volte makes hiring wedding dresses convenient and secure.


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Renting wedding dresses from a wedding dress hire Melbourne service is a great option to consider when planning your wedding. One of the main highlights of a matrimonial celebration is the bride herself, so it makes sense why many brides consider many factors when choosing the perfect dress for their big day. While some brides opt for customised dresses, others don’t have the luxury of time or money to have a dress tailor-made for them. 

A wedding dress hire lets you borrow wedding dress for your special occasion. No need to waste your time searching for ‘dress hire Brisbane’ or ‘formal dress hire Sydney’ online when The Volte offers a suite of premium wedding dresses, accessories, and dresses for the entire entourage in our wedding dress hire Melbourne collection. You can also check out our Ginger and Smart, sequin dress, pink dress, green dress, and other couture dresses for hire. 

The fashion pieces you can rent for your wedding are not limited to just dresses. You can also avail of a designer shoe hire to go with your dress, a formal tuxedo hire for your groom, and a dress hire for beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Of course, deciding to go for a bridal gown hire instead of buying new is one thing, but choosing what dress to rent is a bigger decision to make. 

How to choose the right wedding dress for yourself?

The last thing you want is to be disappointed in your wedding dress on your special day. To make sure you choose the best dress for you from a wedding dress hire Melbourne service, consider the following factors when making your decision: 

The event 

Will you be having a garden wedding or a beach wedding? Do you want a formal ball gown or a flowy casual dress? The right dress for you should suit the type of wedding event you are having including the venue and activities. At The Volte, you can browse options by categories like ‘beach wedding’ or ‘garden wedding’ so you don’t have to go through hundreds of choices that might overwhelm you. 

The style 

Wedding dresses can be big and fluffy, free and flowy, or simple and contoured to the body’s curves. How you like your dress depends on your personal taste. Consider factors like fabric, length, style, brand, and size when choosing the right one for you. You can shop by size, colour, style, and even price at The Volte. You can choose from a specific designer brand as well for your convenience. 

The time 

How soon is your wedding? Count the days remaining until your big day to make sure you have enough time to find the perfect dress and have it delivered to your location. At The Volte, you can hire a dress for four days under the standard hire and eight days under the extended hire. You can also shop by nearby locations like wedding dress hire Melbourne or Perth so the dress can arrive at you sooner. 

Why is it a good idea to hire wedding dresses?

Spending thousands on a dress you will only wear for one day is not very practical. When you avail of a wedding dress hire in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, you can enjoy the following benefits: 

Save money 

No doubt renting wedding dresses rather than buying them is the more cost-effective option. You also don’t have to worry about storing the dress in your home forever once the event is over. On top of that, renting a dress is better for the environment. In a nutshell, it is simply more practical and sustainable. 

Luxury dress options 

If you have a tight budget to buy a new wedding dress, your options are very limited. With a wedding dress hire, you can even stun in a luxury designer dress on your big day without having to overspend. You can choose from a gamut of luxury fashion brands from A to Z at the Volte for you and your entourage. 

Good dress quality 

Buying new wedding dresses at a low price will highly result in a poor-quality dress that you wouldn’t want to wear on your special day. With a dress rental service, you can wear premium at your wedding without spending too much. At The Volte, you can shop by fabric type to ensure that you pick the right dress that will guarantee your comfort and confidence at your wedding. 

How to hire a wedding dress in Melbourne?

The typical process for renting a wedding dress would be sourcing lenders for them and then arranging a price, delivery and return date, and payment details for the dress hire. The Volte streamlines the process of a wedding dress hire in Melbourne as well as other parts of Australia by making everything accessible online. We have already partnered up with reliable lenders so you don’t have to waste time finding one yourself on various marketplaces. Just browse our dress hire collection and send a request to the lender with your desired rental period along with any queries you may have. Once the lender confirms, the dress will be shipped to your location or you can opt to pick it up yourself if the lender’s location is nearby. 

When your event is done, just repack the dress in the provided pre-addressed postbag and post it through yellow post boxes to return the dress to the lender. The lender takes care of getting the dress cleaned too, so you don’t have to worry about that. However, fees may be charged if you get the dress stained or damaged. 

Hire designer wedding dresses, accessories, and other fashion pieces you need for your groom, bridesmaids, or family members only at The Volte! We make a wedding dress hire in Melbourne or anywhere in the country affordable, practical, and easy from start to finish.

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