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Get perfectly dressed for your formal event with a formal dress hire in Brisbane. The Volte offers rental luxury dresses and suits in Australia at great deals!


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Let a luxury formal dress hire Brisbane service take care of all your outfit needs for grand occasions in the city. As the capital of Queensland and the third most populous city in all of Australia, it’s no surprise why many people choose to hold their formal events here. If you are among the busy bees in Brisbane who attend endless gala shows, awards nights, weddings, and other formal occasions, then you and your bank account must be exhausted from buying dresses to suit such occasions all the time. With a formal dress hire in Brisbane, you don’t have to spend too much nor worry about filling up your closet anymore. 

If you’re looking to hire formal dresses, then The Volte is the best platform to avail of a ball gown hire Brisbane or a dress hire Brisbane service. The Volte is an online dress rental platform that enables sustainable luxury fashion for everyone in need of wedding dress hire in Sydney, West Coast dress hire, ball dress hire in Perth, dress hire in the Gold Coast, dress hire in Eltham or formal dress hire Brisbane services. Aside from a formal wear hire, we also offer an Alice McCall dress hire, Leo and Lin dress hire,   and other hire dress services for luxury brands. 

How to choose the right-sized formal dress?

When hiring outfit or designer dresses in Brisbane, one of the most important considerations is the measurement or length of the dress, aside from its fashion style and quality. Choosing the right size for your formal dress depends on the look you are going for and the type of comfort you seek while wearing it. If you want your dress to accentuate your curves, then choose a fitting size that hugs your body. A bodycon gown, for example, will bring out your natural features best. If you don’t want to feel too conscious about your figure, you can opt for a fluffy ball gown instead. The volume of big gowns can make you feel less worried about your curves as they already have a structure of their own. Simply put, you don’t always have to choose a size that fits you just right. You can opt for a smaller or bigger size depending on the look you want to achieve. 

At The Volte, all lenders are required to list their items using Australian sizing. This way, you can have a baseline reference of your own size in case you want to get a smaller, bigger, or just the right size. You can also browse according to size on our platform by selecting the measurement parameters from sizes 2 to 24 or a one-size dress. 

How to look good in a formal dress?

Confidence is the only ingredient you need to rock any outfit you want to wear to a formal event. If you need help feeling more confident about your dress, however, you can always accessorise it with jewellery, handbags, and the right pair of shoes. A plain black long gown, for example, would look even better with a diamond necklace to accentuate it. A couture handbag is also a great accessory to complete a formal look since it is not only stylish but also useful in storing your valuables. 

The Volte’s formal dress hire Brisbane service offers a collection of luxury accessories that you can rent along with your gown or suit. We have shoes, bags, jewellery, belts, and other fashion accessories from different popular designer labels that you can hire. These opulent accessories, paired with your perfect formal dress, can boost your confidence so you can be your best self at the party. 

How to hire formal dresses in Brisbane?

A formal dress hire in Brisbane and other parts of Australia starts with sourcing a lender who has the right style and size of the dress that you need. Brisbane may be a big city, but finding quality lenders to rent outfits from is still a challenging feat. Not to mention the risk that you might end up renting from a scam formal dress hire in Brisbane. The Volte provides you with a secured platform to transact with trustworthy lenders across the country. 

We take the hassle out of finding premium luxury dresses to rent by partnering with credible lenders on our platform. You can browse thousands of options right away, and you don’t have to worry about getting scammed either because all our lenders have been verified and guaranteed to follow our strict guidelines. Just send a request to the lender of your desired dress and state your desired rental period – four days for a standard hire and eight days for extended. The lender will arrange for shipping once they confirm its availability or pickup if their location is near you. 

Don’t forget to return the dress on time to avoid late return fees. You can do that by simply repacking the dress in the provided pre-addressed postbag and posting it through yellow postboxes. In the event that a lender asks you to transact outside of The Volte, report them at once to us so we can continue to provide you with a safe and secure transaction within our platform. 

The Volte makes a formal dress hire in Brisbane easy and risk-free. You can trust us to deliver your luxury dress of choice to your location right when you need it.

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