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Wear a luxury dress that makes you feel comfortable and confident from a West Coast dress hire. The Volte offers rental designer clothes at affordable prices.


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Sir the Label Affogato Halter Dress Chocolate Brown Size AU 8

Sir the Label

Size 8

$115 Rental
$420 RRP

No need to save up for a luxury dress you want to wear on a special occasion when a West Coast dress hire makes it easily accessible and affordable for you. If you live on the West Coast and are looking for premium dresses to wear to an upcoming event, know that you can rent a dress instead of buying a new one to save money. Only the rich and famous used to have the means to wear opulent fashion pieces, but thanks to a designer dress hire, even ordinary people can look stunning in luxury fashion brands anytime they want. 

The Volte is the ultimate online destination for dress rentals. We have the answers to your endless ‘ball dress hire Perth’,dress hire Gold Coast’, ‘dress hire Eltham’, and ‘West Coast dress hire’ online searches because you can rent our luxury fashion pieces from anywhere within Australia. Some of the best options you can go for at The Volte are a formal dress hire Brisbane, formal dress hire Sydney, formal dress hire Melbourne, wedding dress hire Sydney, green dress hire, cocktail dress hire, and other brands you prefer for formal dress hire, luxury outfit hire, or a designer gown hire

What does dress hire mean?

Dress hire is a rental service where you can hire clothing for a few days to wear to your special event instead of having to buy one. When you opt for a dress for hire, you can save a lot of money since the cost of renting a luxury dress, for example, is only a fraction of the retail price of a brand-new dress. Anything from mini dresses, long gowns, beachwear, wedding dresses, and even shoes and accessories can be borrowed through a dress hire service. It is important to note, however, that because you are just borrowing the dress and not buying it, you will have to return it by the end of the rental period in the same condition to avoid fees on late returns and damages. 

At The Volte, you can choose from a wide selection of luxury fashion brands to find the perfect outfit you want to wear to an upcoming event. We cater to all rental requests within Australia, and if you live on the West Coast, you can choose from our West Coast dress hire lenders directly. When you rent from lenders who are near your location, your order can arrive sooner, and you also have the option to pick it up directly from the lender if they agree to such an arrangement. 

Why do people prefer to hire dresses?

A West Coast dress hire may seem like a novel idea, but many people actually prefer to rent dresses instead of buying new ones at boutiques because a dress hire offers the following:

Sustainable fashion 

Fast fashion is among the biggest contributors to earth pollution. When you choose to borrow dresses, you are reusing the already existing materials used to make them instead of using even more resources for new clothes. The Volte offers sustainable luxury fashion for everyone who wishes to reduce their carbon footprints without compromising their personal preferences in fashion. 

Cost-effective alternative 

No doubt renting dresses is a more economical option than buying. Borrowers get a chance to wear their dream luxury dress while lenders can generate income from their personal wardrobes at the same time. The Volte provides a convenient online platform for borrowers and lenders to transact seamlessly and securely. 

Wide array of options 

Your dress options are limited when you have a tight budget for buying a new dress. When you opt for a West Coast dress hire, however, even expensive luxury brands are made available and accessible for you because they are cheaper. At the Volte, you can browse thousands of luxury dresses by price, rental time, size, style features, label, fabric quality, length, and occasion for your convenience. 

How to hire dresses on the West Coast?

A West Coast dress hire makes the experience of renting luxury dresses better for those residing in Western Australia. At The Volte, you can easily hire dresses on the West Coast by selecting your favourite dress from our collection. Then, you can send a hire request to the lender along with your desired rental period – standard hire for four days or extended hire for eight days. Once the lender confirms the availability of your dress, you can arrange to have your order shipped to your doorstep or you can pick it up yourself if the seller is near your location on the West Coast. 

Avoid getting the dress stained or damaged to avoid additional fees on dress repairs. Also, make sure to return the dress before the due date to avoid getting charged with late return fees. Simply repack the dress in the pre-addressed postbag provided by the lender and post it through yellow postboxes. No need to wash the dress yourself as it is already the lender’s responsibility to have it dry-cleaned after each rental service. Don’t forget to register to the platform first by completing the sign-up process. Lenders also need to sign up to list their items on the platform and start making money through The Volte. 

Visit The Volte today and find your perfect match from our West Coast dress hire collection! We have luxury brands from A to Z that you can rent at amazing prices you won’t find elsewhere. 

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