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Attend a gala show in the gown of your dreams with a ball dress hire in Perth. The Volte rents out affordable luxury dresses for all occasions across Australia.


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If you want to save money on a dress you need for a formal event, consider a ball dress hire in Perth or anywhere in Australia instead of buying a new one. A brand-new designer gown will set you back over a thousand dollars, but when you opt for a dress rental service from reputable dress hire shops, you can wear a luxury ball gown to the occasion at a fraction of the cost. A cocktail dress hire, evening dress hire, ball gown hire, designer dress hire, and formal dress hire are some of the most popular dress hire services for special events such as proms, weddings, awards ceremonies, and galas. 

The Volte offers premium ball dress hire in Perth and all over Australia to make an extensive array of luxury brands available to you. Searching the internet for ‘West Coast dress hire’, ‘formal dress hire Melbourne’, ‘wedding dress hire Sydney’, ‘dress hire Gold Coast’, ‘formal dress hire Brisbane’, ‘dress hire Eltham ‘ or ‘ball dress hire Perth’, in attempts to find reputable ball gown lenders, can be time-consuming and inefficient. At The Volte, you can conveniently browse from thousands of options including a bridesmaid dress hire for weddings and have your order delivered straight to your location – the best online dress hiring experience you’ll ever get. 

How to choose the best ball dress for yourself?

Deciding on a ball dress hire Perth service is one thing, but choosing the right dress that suits your unique needs and preferences is a more challenging feat. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when presented with a gamut of options, so here are the factors to keep in mind when choosing a ball dress for yourself: 

The occasion you are wearing it to 

Most formal events follow a theme, and guests are expected to base their outfits on it. For classic themes, you can opt for black or white gowns while you can accessorise your dresses for events with creative or unique themes. At The Volte, you can rent shoes and jewellery along with your dresses. 

The dress style that suits you best 

Ball gowns typically have full-length fluffy skirts and a constricted bodice that accentuates the curves. Your borrowed dresses can have lace trimmings, off-shoulder styles, or flare sleeves – it all depends on your personal taste. You can search for dresses at The Volte according to special dress features like that. 

The quality of the material 

Formal events typically last for many hours, so you want to make sure that your dress doesn’t just make you look pretty but keep you comfortable too. For outdoor venues, choose breathable fabrics like lace or cotton, and for nighttime formal events, lightweight silk material would be ideal. 

What are the benefits of hiring ball dresses?

A ball dress hire Perth service is a great idea if you want to wear a luxury label gown to an event but you have a tight budget. If you buy a dress with little money, your options are very limited, so you’ll only end up with a choice you are unhappy with. With a ball dress hire, however, you can choose from a plethora of luxury options even when you’re on a budget because renting dresses is much cheaper than buying new ones. 

Dress rentals are also more sustainable than buying brand new. When the demand for new luxury clothing increases, companies will continue to produce more of them at the expense of the natural resources on earth. Renting dresses lets you contribute to a greener planet as you are not adding to the demand for dresses to be made from more of the earth’s resources. 

If you need an outfit for an upcoming event fast, getting a customised dress won’t be an option anymore since they take a lot of time to complete. Dresses from a ball dress hire Perth collection, for example, are readily available so you can have them just in time for the event. 

At The Volte, you have to option to have your order shipped to anywhere you are in Australia or arrange a pickup with your lender if their location is near you. You can also choose the length of your rental period between four and eight days depending on your needs. 

How to hire ball dresses in Perth?

To avail of our premium ball dress hire Perth service, simply browse our collection of dresses and gowns on our platform and add to your cart your favourite ones. Once you’ve settled on the dress you want to rent, send a request to the lender along with your rental period – standard or extended hire. The dress will be shipped to your location once the lender approves of your request and your payment is settled. To avoid getting charged with additional fees, avoid getting the dress stained or damaged and make sure to return the dress within the allotted period as well. In case your rental dress gets damaged, inform the lender immediately to arrange a resolution. Returning the dress is easy as well; just repack it in the pre-addressed postbag provided and post it through yellow postboxes. 

Because The Volte offers a suite of luxury brands to choose from, you can pick out the perfect dress that suits your preferences for style, size, trend, colour, fabric, design, length, and fitting. Visit us now to book a ball dress hire Perth service for delivery to anywhere in Australia!

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