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Wear the luxury dress of your dreams without the price tag. The Volte’s formal dress hire Sydney service lets you borrow luxury clothing at affordable prices.


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A formal dress hire in Sydney can help formal event-goers save a lot of money on their outfits. As the largest and most populous city in Australia, Sydney is a top-choice venue for grand events such as weddings, galas, awards ceremonies, and other formal occasions. Even those residing outside the city opt to have their celebrations in Sydney because of how vibrant and lively the city is. With that, it is not surprising that people have to attend many formal events in Sydney yearly. Having to buy a new dress for every formal event is not only a hassle but also costly and fills up closet space fast. If you want to find a luxury outfit fast at a fraction of the cost, go for a formal dress hire in Sydney instead. 

The Volte is the answer to all your ‘formal dress hire Sydney’, ‘wedding dress hire Melbourne’, ‘dress hire Sydney’, ‘formal dress hire Melbourne’, and other dress hire needs in Australia. Aside from a formal dress rental, you can choose from hundreds of designer dresses on rent such as a gown hire, designer dress hire, Ginger and Smart hire, sequin dress, pink dress, and green dressWe are an online dress hire boutique where you can browse thousands of dress options from top designer labels and have your order delivered straight to your location.

How to choose a formal dress?

Choosing to hire dress from dress rental shops instead of buying brand new is one of the most practical decisions you can make when attending a formal event. If you’re looking for designer gowns for rent and are not sure which one to pick, here are factors to consider: 

The dress code for the event 

Most formal events have a theme that guests should follow when choosing their outfits. For classic-themed events, a dark-coloured dress is ideal while dresses with vibrant patterns are best for creative-themed events. At The Volte, you can browse by print, occasion, or style for convenience. 

The brand of the dress 

When availing of a formal dress hire in Sydney, it is worth noting that people typically treat luxury outfits as status symbols during events. You don’t want to be underdressed, so consider hiring your outfit from a popular reputable brand. The Volte lets you rent luxury clothing at a fraction of the original price, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. 

The size and quality of the dress

Most formal events last for over three hours, so make sure you come in a dress that will keep you comfortable throughout the event. Consider the fabric and size of your dress when hiring one. At The Volte, you can ask lenders about the specifications of the dress and shop by size to help you come up with a better decision. 

How to accessorise a formal dress?

Many people get a formal dress hire in Sydney without planning what shoes, jewellery, and accessories they will pair with their dress at the event. While it’s not necessary to accessorise your outfit, it is recommended to do so if your goal is to stand out. One way you can level up your look is by making sure your shoes match your dress. For long gowns, wear high heels so your dress is less likely to drag on the floor and you can prevent damage. As for mini dresses, sparkly pumps or bejewelled sandals are ideal since they would be completely visible. Accessorising your formal dress helps you personalise your look at the event so you can feel confident and beautiful at the same time. 

The Volte has a collection of luxury accessories for hire along with your dress. We have shoes, jewellery, belts, handbags, and many more unique pieces that you can hire to complete your outfit. We always have new arrivals too, so you’ll never run out of options to choose from. 

How to hire a formal dress in Sydney?

The main difference between buying a new dress and a formal dress hire in Sydney is that you will have to return the dress to the lender after use instead of keeping it in your wardrobe – the process of buying and hiring dresses is pretty similar besides that. 

To hire a formal dress at The Volte, simply pick your favourite from our collection and send the lender a request to borrow your desired dress. Indicate the rental period you want – four days for standard and eight days for extended hire – and ask the lender anything you need to know about the dress. Once your request to borrow is confirmed, shipping will be arranged to have the dress delivered to your location in Australia. Returning the dress is easy; just repack it in the pre-addressed postbag it comes and post it through yellow postboxes. 

You don’t have to wash the dress before repacking it; the lender is responsible for the dry-cleaning requirements of the dress already. Just make sure to care for the dress as best as you can and avoid getting it stained or damaged so you won’t be charged additional fees for the repair. In case you accidentally damage the dress you rented, let the lender know at once to arrange a resolution. 

Get a formal dress hire Sydney service from The Volte now and attend your upcoming formal event in the city in the luxury dress you’ve always wanted. Check out our other dress collections while you’re at it for more stunning fashion pieces you won’t be able to resist. 

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