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Stand out from the crowd in a green dress without overspending by hiring it from The Volte. We make luxury fashion accessible, affordable, and sustainable.


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Paris Georgia Davie Dress Basil Green Size S / AU8

Paris Georgia

Size 8

$288 Rental
$830 RRP

There’s a good reason why a green dress never goes out of style – it compliments almost every skin tone, body type, and age without fail. If you have an upcoming event and are unsure of what you should wear, a casual green dress is a great option to consider. Another good thing about these dresses is that they can come in various shades of green such as pale green dress, bright green dress, olive green dress, pastel green dress, or any possible green hue you could think of. An imported or branded green dress, however, is not exactly cheap. Don’t buy green dress; hire green dresses online instead to save money. 

The Volte has an extensive range of beautiful green dresses for every occasion that you can hire at a fraction of the retail price. Our dresses for hire are from reputable luxury brands. Some of our top dress hires are Ginger and Smart hire, sequin dress, pink dress hire, and Alex Perry dress hire. Whether you are looking for a wedding dress hire Melbourne, formal dress hire Sydney, formal dress hire Melbourne, or other dress hire services in Australia, The Volte is the top online boutique to hire a luxury dress from. 

What factors should you consider when choosing a green dress?

You can never go wrong with a green dress. It is a safe choice for almost any occasion you are going to. The challenge, however, is how to pick the best one out of all the possible options. Here are what you should consider to land the perfect dress for you: 

The style 

Your green dress can be a maxi or a mini dress, come with or without a sleeve, or have a plain or busy print. Simply put, they come in different styles, so decide on what dress style would suit your event best. For formal events, a dress with a long skirt is ideal while green sundresses are perfect for casual days. 

The shade 

A dress can have the slightest hint of green or be the darkest green colour there is – it’s up to you to decide which exact shade of green you want to wear. Pastel green can make you look youthful while emerald green hues are elegant. At The Volte, you can browse by colour for your utmost convenience. 

The fabric 

The perfect dress shouldn’t just make you look pretty but also feel comfortable. Satin fabric is cool and lightweight, making it ideal for night-time events while cotton is breathable and soft, which is great for brunch dates. You can ask a The Volte lender for specifications of your desired dress, such as the fabric type, to help you make a decision. 

How to accessorise a green dress?

A green dress already looks stunning on its own, but there are plenty of ways to level up your look when wearing it. The right accessories can enhance your entire outfit when you match it with the right dress and occasion. For weddings, proms, and other events, sparkly necklaces and earrings are the perfect pair for your dress. You can also make your dress fit you better by adding a dainty belt around the waist. 

You can achieve personalisation with your outfit at The Volte as we have a collection of luxury accessories that you can rent along with your desired dress. Some of our top picks are shoes, bags, jewellery, and belts from luxury brands. You can get an exclusive look out of a hired dress when you mix and match your favourite accessories with it. 

How to hire a green dress?

Finding a reliable lender for a green dress by yourself is inefficient and risky since it’s hard to verify the authenticity of their rental dresses and their reputation as lenders. At The Volte, you can rent a dress with peace of mind knowing that all lenders on our platform are quality lenders you can trust. 

To hire a dress, just send a request to the lender to borrow the dress you desire. You can also ask the lender questions about the fabric of the dress, any existing flaws, and possible size alterations done on the dress in the past. Once your request to hire the dress is confirmed, shipping will be booked to your address or you can opt for a pickup arrangement instead if the lender lives near you. 

By the end of your rental period – which is four days for standard hire and eight days for extended hire – make sure to return the dress in the same condition to avoid late return fees and additional charges for the necessary dress repairs if damaged. You can conveniently return the dress to the lender by repacking it into the provided pre-addressed postbag and posting it through yellow postboxes. No need to wash the dress yourself before returning it. The lender will be the one to clean the dress in their preferred way. 

If you own a personal collection of designer wear, you can make money through a dress hire. Simply sign up at The Volte and list your available items on our platform. We offer an optional photo-editing service if you want to have your photos enhanced and increase the chances of your items getting hired. 

Shop our green dress hire collection today to wear your dream dress to your upcoming event. Our user-friendly online platform makes it easy to hire premium dresses from anywhere in Australia!

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