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Sport a Hollywood celebrity look at a price that won’t empty your pockets with a Jacquemus dress hire. The Volte has a rich collection of designer dress hire.


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Why save up for months just to afford a brand-new Jacquemus outfit when you can wear one at a more affordable price from a Jacquemus dress hire? Jacquemus is among the top luxury brands in the world even though it is still technically considered a small brand. This luxury label is well-loved by celebrities because of its unique fashion pieces that blend vintage styles with modern trends. Each Jacquemus dress takes months to complete as it is intricately designed and crafted to offer the most opulent feel ever. Reasonably, a Jacquemus designer mini dress will cost a lot, and not everyone has the money to spend on it, but at The Volte, we believe that everyone deserves to wear and stun in luxury fashion. 

Hiring designer clothes is made easy and secure by The Volte. You can avail of a Jacquemus dress hire as well as an Acler dress hire, Camilla hire, Sir the Label Hire, and Ginger and Smart hire. Whether you need a jumpsuit hire for a casual walk, a sequin dress, a pink dress, or a wedding dress for your big day, The Volte is where all your searches for ‘ball dress hire Perth’, ‘dress hire Gold Coast’, ‘formal dress hire Brisbane’, ‘dress hire Eltham’, and ‘dress hire Australia’ will be satisfied. We partner with trustworthy lenders who have an extensive wardrobe of the most luxurious fashion brands they can rent to you at a fraction of the retail value. 

What is unique about dresses from Jacquemus?

There are countless brands that you can hire from when opting for a dress hire. Whether you are looking to wear a beautiful robe, vintage corset, or quality garment in a specific size, length measurement, colour, style, fabric, or brand, a dress hire can provide you with a plethora of options to find your perfect match. If you are set on a Jacquemus dress hire, you made a great choice because Jacquemus is among the most sought-after luxury brands out there and for a good reason too. 

Jacquemus was launched in 2009 by Simon Porte Jacquemus who named the label after his deceased mother’s maiden name. It is famous for highly artistic designs and playful silhouettes that always wow the crowd during fashion shows. The fashion pieces from Jacquemus are also trendy and modern so they make great Instagrammable wear especially for celebrities and influencers. Jacquemus also has stand-out fashionwear and accessories that have a distinct yet relatable style of their own that everyone just simply can’t get enough of. 

The Volte features dozens of exclusive Jacquemus pieces under its Jacquemus dress hire collection. From mini dresses to full-length gowns and accessories to match any outfit, you will find the perfect Jacquemus fashion piece at The Volte. You can conveniently browse through the items by applying parameters such as price, style, or clothing name too.

How to choose the best dress from Jacquemus?

You can never go wrong with a Jacquemus dress. However, the challenge lies in selecting which among the options in a Jacquemus dress hire collection will be the right choice for you. To help you come up with the best decision, these are the factors you need to consider: 

The event 

Are you attending a formal or casual event with your Jacquemus dress? First, narrow down your choices by deciding whether a full-length gown, cocktail dress, or jumpsuit will suit the event you are going to best. The Volte has designer dresses for all occasions, and you can conveniently filter them by choosing a category based on the occasion you are going to. 

The budget 

To avoid overspending, set the maximum amount you are willing to spend on a Jacquemus dress hire. From the available dress options, select those that fit within your budget and choose your ideal dress from them. You can arrange the products displayed in The Volte from the highest to least expensive dresses for your convenience in choosing the right Jacquemus dress for you. 

The style

Jacquemus dresses also come in all sorts of styles from basic chic looks to elegant opulent designs. Make a decision based on what dress style you think will match your personal sense of fashion the most. At The Volte, not only can you refine your searches based on size and price, but you can also shop by colour, style, and desired rental period that suits your needs for a dress hire.

How to hire dresses from Jacquemus?

Finding Jacquemus dresses to rent that are still in good condition is not the easiest feat because not many people own them. Fortunately for you, The Volte has taken the trouble to round up quality lenders that offer a Jacquemus dress hire. To hire the dress of your dreams, browse through our rich collection of Jacquemus fashion pieces and add your choice to your virtual cart. Select the rental period – whether standard or extended – to set how long you are going to hire the dress for. The standard option lets you hire the dress for four days and the extended option for eight days. From there, you can proceed to the checkout and fill in the form with your delivery address and payment method to complete the transaction, and your order should reach your doorstep within the next few days. 

To return your rental item, just repack it into the provided pre-addressed postbag and post it through yellow post boxes. If the option is available, you can also select ‘purchase’ to buy the dress instead of renting it so you won’t have to return it anymore, meaning you can keep it forever. 

The Volte welcomes both borrowers who want to stun in designer clothing without spending a fortune and lenders who want to generate income from their personal luxury wear collection. Sign up now to access the most luxurious fashion brands and hire your most impressive outfit yet! 

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