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Unleash your inner fashionista with Mossman, the Australian label that combines bold designs with feminine details to create unforgettable looks for any occasion.


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Mossman Garden Party Set White Size 10


Size 10

A$112 Rental
A$430 RRP

Mossman needs little introduction or explanation for how they’ve reached their international fashion fame, however we’re always happy to indulge. Based in Melbourne with fans such as Gigi Hadid and Anna Heinrich, Mossman brings us a collection that a culmination of chic modernity, European simplicity and Australian effortlessness. Sophisticated yet understated, soft yet texture and tonally catching, Mossman plays with every fashion element to produce pieces that are unique and versatile. There is no piece that this Australian icon cannot match, so make your life easy and rent a Mossman classic through the Volte today for that big upcoming event.

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