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The Volte provides Lenders who always adhere to these Terms with an option to purchase low cost insurance for loss of Items for up to $500 or half the recommended retail price (whichever is lower). In order to access The Volte Lender Insurance, Lenders must list an accurate and verifiable recommended retail price and have complied with these terms at all times. Any evidence that implies, at The Volte’s full discretion, that the Lender has not complied (or attempted to not comply) with any of these Terms at any time or for any transaction, including transacting outside of The Volte platform will mean the said Lender is unable to access The Volte Lender Insurance. If the Lender has complied with these terms at all times since becoming a User, The Volte will first attempt to recover the costs from the particular Borrower through any number of means, including through its secure payment gateway (Stripe), charging the Borrower’s credit card or contacting the Borrower directly. The Volte reserves the right to attempt to recover from the Borrower for up to 90 days before paying out any claim under this policy. If you are a Lender who has business insurance, you are obliged to attempt to recover your loss from your own insurer before making a claim for The Volte Lender Insurance. Where a Lender has a business insurance policy, the Lender must provide The Volte evidence that their claim has been unsuccessful. For the avoidance of doubt, The Volte Lender Insurance does not apply where an item has been damaged by the relevant Borrower or during shipping.

If an Item is lost in transit by a shipping provider including Australia Post or any other shipping provider, The Volte Lender Insurance does not apply and the Lender must make a claim to the relevant shipping provider.

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